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Innovation Reimagined in Kansas City

There is no one universal definition for innovation. And innovation takes different forms at every level of government. Even in Kansas City, Missouri, innovation has taken many forms. This past year, the city launched a citizen engagement portal and leveraged open data. The woman spearheading those initiatives is Ashley Hand. She is the City’s Chief InnovationRead… Read more »

Are You Mapping? Georgia Is!

Georgia has 159 counties. The Peach State is also home to 536 cities. While the diversity of communities creates a lot of advantages, it also can create massive headaches for the state. Why? Each of the different communities classifies and categorizes data differently. The need for uniform and standardized data is especially important in theRead… Read more »

Fostering The Current Generation’s Leadership Abilities

So often we talk about reaching out the next generation of government workers. While that is a critical step in order to prosper, the government also needs to spend some time developing its current leaders. One way to help them succeed? The Partnership for Public Service’s Excellence in Government Fellows Program – a staple ofRead… Read more »

Getting the Most Out of a Gov Career

You’re a government employee! Congrats! You’re a rockstar! But now that you are in government, what’s next? How do you rise through the ranks? How do you become a decision maker? At the earlier stages of our careers, it’s sometimes tough to picture ourselves at the top of the organization, being the leader. Nevertheless, planningRead… Read more »