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Reinventing American Healthcare: Interview with Dr. Zeke Emanuel

“The execution of the ACA was seriously flawed. Three factors contributed to the rocky rollout: the nature of lawmaking, poor personnel decisions, and poisonous politics,” notes Dr. Zeke Emanuel. The American healthcare system is complex. It was not created complex and expensive from its origins, but evolved to become this way over a period ofRead… Read more »

Making IT Investments That Last

Implementing new government IT projects is often a long and arduous process for government. Budget and staff cuts, advancing technologies, outdated procurement processes and more can leave officials feeling unequipped to make their next big IT move. So in this environment, how can government chief information officers (CIOs) strategize to invest in the right ITRead… Read more »

6 Ways IT Service Management Can Change Your Organization

Businesses are always evolving, and through their evolution and expansion technology becomes obsolete and organizations find themselves needing an upgrade. As a customer base grows the need for technology grows greater. Most organizations spend thousands of dollars attaining and upgrading to the most current technology, but still have many problems implementing their new technology toRead… Read more »

Collaborating to Make a Difference

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been in the cross-hairs of critics for delays in approving benefits for deserving veterans. Recent reports suggest that VA has turned the corner and is reducing its backlog. One factor: greater collaboration with veterans service organizations. In May, the VA announced a partnership with two veterans service organizations —Read… Read more »

Throwing Rocks and Birds

Sometimes my summer reading list takes unanticipated paths. . . . Here are some highlights from an older report from the UK that feels like it could have been written today! In 2002, British academic Jake Chapman wrote a paper for Demos, a UK think tank, entitled: “System Failure: Why Governments Must Learn to ThinkRead… Read more »

Avaya TechTalk 010: Next Generation 9-1-1 Now!

By Guy Clinch Now Playing: Avaya TechTalk 010: Next Generation 9-1-1 Now! Listen now! Introduction: How organizations and Government can obtain many of the values of NG9-1-1 today – In this episode of Avaya Tech Talk APNPodcast host Guy Clinch, engages in conversation with Tim Kenyon, President of Conveyant Systems, Inc. and Matt Serra, Sr.Read… Read more »

Implementing Organization Performance Measures – Best Practices

Measuring various aspects of your organization’s performance requires the transformation of data into useful “knowledge” for decision-making. Most organization’s find it relatively easy to measure financial performance as there are commonly accepted principles and reporting practices that everyone uses. Measuring other aspects of your organization so that the information can be used for effective decisionRead… Read more »

Government Reform: Insights for the Future of the Movement (Part 6)

World Bank seminars this past Spring surprised me when I learned that several developing countries seem to be on the cutting edge of the global performance movement. But the series offered some occasionally cautionary insights, as well, as to what may be next for the movement. Some encouraging insights for the global performance management movementRead… Read more »

Government Reform: Inspirations from Developing Countries (Part 5)

Several developing countries are making seemingly breathtaking progress in developing performance management frameworks from scratch. What can we learn from them? Today’s focus is on the commonalities in the performance management approaches used across four developing countries. The World Bank seminars this past Spring continue to have me mulling about the progress of the performanceRead… Read more »