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How Do You Manage Millennials? Inspire, Adapt, Accept? – Insights from the NextGen Summit

Last week GovLoop was proud to co-host the Next Generation of Government Training Summit with Young Government Leaders. More than 500 young government professionals descended on the JW Marriott for a two day training summit that featured over 100 speakers. For anyone in attendance there was one thing that was crystal clear, these young peopleRead… Read more »

Stop Talkin’ Bout My Generation

Generation Y, Millennials, Generation C (for Connected), sometimes even (perhaps incorrectly), the iGeneration. These are the labels that haunt the members of my generation. The large groups of people spanning decades before me are called Baby Boomers, Generation Xers, and a wealth of other names, each with their own negative and positive attributes. “Baby BoomersRead… Read more »

The Old Dogs Have the Best New Tricks: The Best Innovators Aren’t the Youngest

I may be shooting myself in the foot here by spreading this around, but word has it that the best innovators aren’t Millennials. Many companies have been trying to create a younger work force, gently (or not so gently) encouraging older employees to retire and leave. The belief is that innovation comes from the newbies,Read… Read more »

For young feds is the pace of government change too slow?

Retaining and engaging young feds has been the drum beat in government for awhile now and will probably continue to be for the foreseeable future. But one of the main stumbling blocks for agency leaders has been the pace of government change. Millennials are quick to adopt new technologies and programs. But the government isRead… Read more »

A Tale of Two Parties: Promoting Bipartisanship

Last week my friend at YGL Cara Ann Bumgardner wrote a blog about an awesome POLITICO event she attended that inspired her. She doesn’t have a GovLoop account, but wanted to share her experience: “One of my favorite DC pastimes is going to events–especially of the political persuasion. Washington is teeming with opportunities to notRead… Read more »

Millennial Mayhem – Managing, Training and Capitalizing

Next year, millennials will make up more than 35% of the federal workforce. That’s a staggering number of feds who will all have been born after 1976. So how can leaders really connect, train, manage and capitalize on their talents? Logan Harper is community manager for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s SchoolRead… Read more »

Youth Is Different Now: How 20 Is the New 30, and what that Means for Millennials, Xers, and Boomers

This article is neither rebuttal nor follow-up of Cathryn Sloan’s “Why Every Social Media Manager Should Be Under 25,” but an investigation into the question “are today’s young professionals different than those entering the workforce 20 years ago.” For the past decade, at least, Americans have been subject to variations of “40 is the newRead… Read more »

Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications [Live Blog from Paris]

Good morning. I am live blogging from the Ministry of Finance in Paris, France, where I am participating in an event hosted by the Institut de la Gestion Publique (Institute for Public Management). This marks the 10th year of an annual event and this year’s theme is “Generation Y and Public Management: Issues and Implications.”Read… Read more »

10 Steps to Creating an Online Community – There Aren’t Any

There aren’t any steps. I’ve never really liked “STEPS” lists, because they are too generic (unless you are putting together the Space Shuttle, or something like that). It is as if they will take you to the holy grail. Steps imply that they must be done in order – in sequence. Yet each community isRead… Read more »