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Come Dine With Me: Local Gov Web Usability Tasting Menu.

It seems many of us are working on all sorts of different stuff nowadays. I’ve been listening to everything that’s going on in local government and feeling quite overwhelmed with how much is going on (even with the budget cuts!). We still have lots to worry about but with even fewer resources. There are aRead… Read more »

Reshaping public services online by getting the basics right

Frustration There is nothing more frustrating than being in government right now if you are looking for change or motivation in your work. With almost no funding available, fewer colleagues to carry the burden, feeling of loss and uncertainty, we are facing an all time low. Everyone knows that with fewer resources, it makes itRead… Read more »

Usability Tutorial: what is web usability and how do you measure it?

Cross-posted from: Originally created for Girl Geek Dinner in Ottawa, you can use this tutorial to start a discussion about how you can integrate usability principles into your website planning at your department or organization. Alternatively, re-use the prezi to create your own presentation. If you do, I’d love to know about it. TheRead… Read more »

Citizens ‘wish list’ and frustrations with local government websites (Part 1)

This user insight comes from the user research conducted for London Borough of Camden in the UK. You can visit the website redesign project development site here. View full post here. Over the past few months, I’ve been getting myself acquainted with my new Job at Camden Council and learning the ropes. I’ve been broughtRead… Read more »

Bad user testing beats no user testing

Jakob Nielsen has noted that it’s now twenty years since he started what he calls the ‘discount usability movement’. This might be egging it a wee bit, I’m not sure there is such a ‘movement’ apart from that which Nielsen promotes. It’s true that major companies use discount usability tactics – I noted before howRead… Read more »

Postscript two: Lessons from the great 2009 Birmingham City Council website disaster

Following the almost universally badly received launch of the new Birmingham City Council website local developer Mark Steadman posted a challenge on his blog: Why don’t those who are busy complaining and building independent fixes to problems that only concern people who know or care what hashtags are*, get together and build an alternative CouncilRead… Read more »

Google UK offers free webinar to council webbies on ‘conversions’

As part of Google UK’s increasing local engagement it is running the first in a series of Webinar‘s next week. This one is about ‘conversions’, getting users through a process on your website and sucessfully out the other end. This process may start from them clicking on an ad or being directed from the homepageRead… Read more »

Postscript: Lessons from the great 2009 Birmingham City Council website disaster

The fallout from the relaunch of Birmingham City council’s website (#bccwebsite) has continued, not just online but in the local press as well thanks to the strong interest of Birmingham Post Editor Marc Reeves. It’s not a coincidence that the Post has a ‘web 2.0’ site and in its reporting about #bccwebsite has even includedRead… Read more »