GovLoop on HuffPo: When You Need Your Government Right Now

Below is the introduction to GovLoop’s latest post on the Huffington Post: Back in November 2009, Ellen Miller of the Sunlight Foundation wrote here on The Huffington Post about “Envisioning a Real-Time Government.” Here’s a quick excerpt: Imagine a world where the entire influence economy in Washington were available to the public, online and in… Read more »

10/10/10 – One Day, One Way to Get a Glimpse of Earth’s Story

When I was in elementary school, our community renovated the school’s playground. As part of the project, students and their families were asked to share items – newspaper articles, clothing, music, etc. – that would go in a time capsule, which was to be buried underneath the playground. The idea was that someone decades down… Read more »

Social, Scientifically

Click to view large Download this gallery (ZIP, undefined KB) If you attended the #AMP10 summit (Activism + Media + Politics) this past Friday/Saturday in Washington DC, there’s a good chance you’ll agree it was a pretty social conference (if you want a recap, here’s one by OhMyGov and here’s another, tweet-style). The over 300… Read more »

Looks Like You’re a Lightning Rod (Again) This Election Cycle

Lisa Rein of the Washington Post asked GovLoop’ers last week if “Federal salaries are too high.” You gave her a great deal of feedback (37 comments) on her way to writing a story this past Saturday for the Washington Post: Here’s how it starts: From her sixth-floor office at the National Science Foundation in… Read more »

Gourmet Web Experiences on a Fast Food Budget – Jared Spool at NAGW 2010

It’s been a great week! First, I participated in Manor.Govfresh – an incredible, move-the-needle, local government innovation showcase event. Now I am covering the 2010 National Association of Government Webmasters (NAGW) National Conference. The morning started with the pop of a champagne cork with Jared Spool presenting under the title “Cooking Up Gourmet Experiences on… Read more »

Creative IT Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and retaining Net Gen workers in the public sector

Recently GovLoop community manager Andy K. and I wrote an article for Smart Enterprise Exchange (an online community with more than 2,000 global IT executive members- prodcued by TechWeb and CA Technologies ) entitled Creative IT Hiring Strategies: Recruiting and retaining Net Gen workers in the public sector The full article is here (need to… Read more »

GovLoop Gets Shout Out in The Economist

It’s always nice to get good press, eh? Well, Steve Ressler and GovLoop got a really nice mention in The Economist today, under the Schumpeter column titled “The wiki way: Two cyber-gurus take a second look at how the Internet is changing the world.” Here’s the relevant excerpt: Wikinomics is even rejuvenating the fusty old… Read more »