Today at 2EST – GL Training – Part 2 Soc Media Best Practice

I’ve seen the slides and they rock…Pretty stoked for Part 2 of the GovLoop Social Media Training – Case Studies and Best Practices Should be fun…We have Kay Morrison from EPA and Kristy Fifelski of City of Reno and Kent Cunningham of Microsoft. Plus as always…rapid fire Q&A to answer all your questions. Almost 600… Read more »

Project of the Week: EPA’s Children’s Health Month (October)

As many of you know, my wife and I had our first son back in March of this year. The guy is already crawling and chattering away…and he’s already picked up his first couple colds. So I installed a gate in our home this past weekend and we’re obviously looking for ways to minimize the… Read more »

Getting UnderManaged? Do Something About It!

You can walk into every workplace and find someone that’s making cracks about the boss. But let’s be honest making jokes and complaining at the water cooler aren’t going to change the situation. So what can you do? Thanks to GovLoop member Kathleen Smith I read a great article about how employees can manage their… Read more »

The Intern Report: Interning in D.C

Hello Everyone! Shannon here! I am one of the GovLoop interns this fall. As of today I have officially been here in Washington, D.C for a month! I graduated from Auburn University in August and spent about two weeks at home before I found myself eager to work and learn more about social media I… Read more »

Project of the Week: Open Colorado

In honor of our Denver GovUp coming up tomorrow evening, GovLoop wanted to shine a spotlight on a sweet project coming out of the Rocky Mountains called Open Colorado. Launched just a couple months ago by Colorado Smart Communities, Open Colorado “seeks to give a way into the wealth of government data…drawing on the expertise… Read more »