Human Resources

Federal Worker Diane R. Williams: Blazed The Trail For The #MeToo Movement

Diane R. Williams, who once served as the Legislative Chair for the Coalition For Change, Inc. (C4C), became the first person in America to take a sexual harassment into a U.S. District Court and to obtain a ruling that sexual harassment forms sex discrimination under the Civil Rights Act.

Effective Techniques for Managing Understaffed Cybersecurity Teams

The government has a great need for managers to recognize the downstream impact of running an understaffed team. Managers face the challenge of balancing organizational goals, maintaining morale, prioritizing work efforts and reducing attrition.

Retaining and Recruiting Top Talent in Government

Retaining and recruiting top talent in government is a significant issue. Agencies want to be successful in providing government services and in order to do that, they need qualified contributors. Human resource departments are experiencing challenges in building stable staff within budgets that are continually stretched. Recruiting and retaining talent has become a significant issueRead… Read more »