Human Resources

Why Most Employee Recognition Programs Don’t Work

The word is out on the street — the vast majority of employee recognition programs aren’t working. In interacting with HR professionals and corporate trainers across the country, the report from both professionals and front-line workers is that employee recognition is generally not having a positive impact on employees or workplace morale.

How Empathy Helps Inclusion

How can we be more inclusive of people and things we don’t warm up to? How can we be more curious about their differences? After all, don’t their differences matter just as much as our differences? How can we get into their world and see how those differences make sense to them even though they… Read more »

How to Engage Next-Generation Talent by Differentiating Your Agency

The challenge for agencies is finding skilled, younger workers to replace an aging workforce. They are driven by mission and a strong sense of purpose to transform their communities and the nation for the better. This sense of purpose is what agencies must tap into when recruiting next-generation talent.

4 Ways to Attract and Keep Federal Employees—Including Millennials

There is no question that the federal workforce needs to attract diverse and talented people so the U.S. government is positioned to tackle the complex issues facing our country. That includes millennials. There are four key steps the next administration and Congress must take to ensure millennials consider public service as a career option and… Read more »