APWA Group Now on Facebook

You can now find and join an APWA group on Facebook dedicated to the APWA (American Public Works Association). Even though the site is still not yet official and has been set up by individual members of APWA, this group can still help to bring all APWA members together for networking, sharing, and advice. Now,… Read more »

Success in Government

I am sure there are plenty of articles on how to be successful in the Federal Government, but I believe that relationship management, taking ownership and how you dress are key components to being successful. Throughout our careers we will work with, for, and supervise numerous people. Effectively managing those relationships are critical to success… Read more »

Email: An Acquired Hatred

All my life I’ve been averse to use of the word “hate”. I discourage it’s use by the little people in our house. Few other four-letter words sit at the negative limit of human emotion. But I’m really starting to hate email. As a substitute for the telegram or posted letter’s sluggish delivery speeds, it… Read more »

GovLoop’s Bureaucrat on Sports – AP Top 25 NCAA Football Bowl Subdivision – Selected Week 5 Picks

First, the Hokie Guru is going to step out of the sports world this week and start out with a management issue… time and attendance… I’m just curious how my readers would react if they got a message like this (a friend sent this to me): … has created and maintains a calendar where we… Read more »

Six Ways Local Governments Can Use Social Media to Promote Energy Conservation

Author’s Note: I originally published this on my blog on September 16, 2008. I’m republishing it here to see if anyone would like to discuss the ideas presented here. Six Ways Local Governments Can Use Social Media to Promote Energy Conservation By Dennis D. McDonald Here are six ways local governments can use social media… Read more »