Security Clearance Q&A Service

Over the past two years, has become the only place on the internet where people can ask tough questions about security clearances and get expert answers. Due to popular demand and our rapid growth, we are launching a new private security clearance question and answer service. This will help ensure your critical questions getRead… Read more »

In The Government We Trust: How GovLoop Helps Restore Faith & Inspiration to the People

I came across @GovLoop’s tweet a couple of weeks ago on Twitter regarding a poll that was taken and discussed in a paper called, “In Public We Trust” I couldn’t help but check it out. I think being one of the few (maybe only) GovLoop members who is not in fact a Government employee, itRead… Read more »

Soldiers or Police?

The Domestic Soldier (DS) is my alternative name for police officers in the United States. The basic reason I am applying this designation is that a DS is an individual who provides physical protective services to the homeland. This soldier is recruited, trained and educated in domestic warfare. We usually don’t think of our lawRead… Read more »

Terrorists In Our Midst

A Washington Post report on Sunday, July 6, 2008, confirmed what most everyone in law enforcement and intelligence circles already knew – terrorists are and have always been here. And they’re returning. As the government cracks down on what allowed 19 terrorists into the country previously (student visas) and gave them identities (false drivers licenses),Read… Read more »