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Can Green Tape Make An Effective Bureaucracy?

This article was originally published on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s online MPA program blog, Inside the [email protected] — When people think of bureaucracy, thoughts of rules, regulations, “red tape,” or slow-moving actions may come to mind. But there can be benefits to bureaucratic approaches to management, and these benefits can resultRead… Read more »

Better Buying Power 2.0

Frank Kendall, DoD’s Acquisition Executive, published a preliminary version of Better Buying Power 2.0 on Nov 13 “to ensure affordability and increase productivity in defense spending to deliver better value to the taxpayer and Warfighter”. Better Buying Power 2.0 encompasses 36 initiatives across seven focus areas: Achieve Affordable Programs Control Costs Throughout the Product LifecycleRead… Read more »

The Government Man – Some (Hopefully) Final Words About the GSA Ex-Scandal

The Government Man has been pretty quiet lately, save for an occasional blog or You Tube posting. The GSA scandal has been long out of the news. My insiders tell me that GSA has taken disciplinary action against those implicated in the alleged wrongdoing. As I said before, I am not attempting to defend thoseRead… Read more »

Peak Bureaucracy: Perhaps it’s time we considered alternatives

The Atlantic published a great piece last week by Eric Garland entitled Peak Intel: How So-Called Strategic Intelligence Actually Makes Us Dumber, here’s a particularly powerful excerpt: “Hierarchical organizations have a very different logic than smaller firms. In less consolidated industries, success and failure are largely the result of the decisions you make, so intelligenceRead… Read more »

Information Follows the Hierarchy

Information wants to be free may be a slogan that is en vogue with technology activists but it is also a slogan that diametrically opposed to how bureaucracy actually works. Le triangle des bermudes On the Internet information is omnidirectional; it is easy to find, verify and re-purpose. Whereas in the bureaucracy, information is atRead… Read more »

Managing Bureaucratization

Controlling an organization is difficult. The larger the organization, the more complex is the process of control. We don’t think about it too much, but what we are trying to control are changes that naturally occur. The drivers of changes are many and can be hidden in the layers of the organization. The internal driversRead… Read more »

The Government Man Gives a Negotiating Lesson

In my book, Confessions of a Government Man, I offer some tongue-in-cheek negotiating advice. My chapter on negotiating is appropriately called, The Sport of Negotiating, not only because negotiating is a sport to some, but because I draw many lessons from the sporting world. In one of my career assignments with GSA I headed aRead… Read more »

Federal Coach: How to Overcome Bureaucracy so You Can Innovate

I am in a federal office that places a high value on innovation, yet there are so many bureaucratic obstacles to being innovative. Are there any good models you can recommend where federal programs have been both innovative and produced valuable results? -Federal Supervisor (GS-14), Department of Homeland Security I can share plenty of examplesRead… Read more »

I would’ve eaten glass to get this job

Moving to the bureaucracy from the world of NGOs, for me, meant serious growing pains. I really, really wanted a job in the public service. I would have eaten glass in sharp, jagged pieces to make my casual position a permanent job — if my manager would’ve asked. I did whatever I was told, evenRead… Read more »