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States Join Forces in Using Data to Fight COVID-19

As COVID-19 came crashing down on the U.S. like a wave, first striking the West Coast before spilling into the rest of the country, state and local governments relied on one another to fine-tune their responses.

4 Types of Data Needed for Effective, Equitable Recovery

Organizations with their data houses in order, particularly these four data types, are better positioned to launch effective and equitable recovery efforts. In our current landscape, data is the single most valuable asset any government organization has at its disposal. It is crucial to guide decisions, inform policies, and improve outcomes for the public. While… Read more »

A Picture in Time: How NIH Has Responded to the Challenge of COVID-19 Data

While with a vaccine and the right response, the pandemic itself will fade, its long-term health impacts will live with those who contracted and survived the virus. Interoperable, nuanced data will be vital to treating their conditions.