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Connecting with Your Future Self

Back in his 20s, Warren Buffett often asked himself, “Do I really want to spend $300,000 for this haircut?” An avid fan of compounding, the future billionaire constantly questioned whether spending money today was worth losing what he could have in the future if he invested it. Buffett is, obviously, the exception. Most of usRead… Read more »

Congress and the Federal Worker

Federal employees have many concerns on their plate in terms of Congress and the federal budget, including: What will happen with federal pay in 2015 following the 1% increases in 2014? Will Congress pass a debt limit increase? How will the president’s State of the Union promise to use more Executive Orders play out? KenRead… Read more »

The 1 Critical Key that Traditional Leadership Training Misses

Have you ever attended leadership training programs sponsored inside your organization, listened to the wonderful information being presented, and thought to yourself, “Yeah, that sounds great, but it doesn’t work when I get back to my office”? After 24 plus years of federal service, and more than seven years as a leadership instructor, and executiveRead… Read more »

Top 5 Tech Tools Teleworker’s Can’t Live Without

Tools, gadgets, gizmos galore. These days technology is outpacing the culture at many workplaces. You might have the tools in place to telework but not the management style. But one thing everyone can agree on is that without the tools there is no telework. In our latest guide, “Agency of the Future: Telework More ThanRead… Read more »

Join Us – Agency of the Future Series: Telework Survey

Agency of the Future Series: Telewok in Government GovLoop is working on an “Agency of the Future” series, which will include a collection of reports, expert interviews, in-person events and online trainings that are designed to cast a vision for government innovation and reveal bright spots in agencies and industry partners that are leading theRead… Read more »

Creating Strategic Foresight in Government

Does it make any sense for the government to think long term? One agency, NASA, developed a 200-year strategic plan, at one point. They engaged futurists and science fiction writers to help develop a plan for interplanetary exploration. Maybe it makes sense for NASA, but what about other agencies? Strategic foresight is not futurist forecasting,Read… Read more »

A Conscious Leader’s Approach to the Top 5 Questions from Government Supervisors…Part 1

Martha Austin is on a mission to restore passion and purpose to our federal government one individual at a time. She is a current federal employee with more than 23 years of service, a leadership instructor, a certified professional coach, and creator of the Conscious Leadership Blueprint ™. She is honored to serve government employees,Read… Read more »

Children, Our Future

20 Children dead today in school shooting. Completely unacceptable! We need better psychiatric screening, more treatment options, and safer schools. How can we expect children to excel, when they can’t even feel safe. Safeguard our children, protect our future. Originally posted at my blog thetotalcio. (Source Photo: here with attribution to Massimo Valiani, Source Quote:Read… Read more »

Future Federal Government

The dialogue is starting on the Future Federal Government. It is not just a conversation among us in the beltway, but for the whole world to see. Please join us at IX (link below) or make your comments here in GL. The six topics that I believe will reshape us are: Budget Reduction Performance AccountabilityRead… Read more »

Organizational Change Management – Now More Than Ever

This is a repost of a blog on the topic of Organizational Change Management in the Future featured on the Perspectives site. The global exchange of ideas and data is no longer limited by borders, time, distance or language. In becoming a Smarter Planet, we hope to change the paradigm from reacting to changeRead… Read more »