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Rocking the State: Human Resources

In the last decade, technology has transformed business, media and education. Telecommuting and web conferencing are increasingly common solutions to the problem of expensive travel. New applications like Twitter and Facebook make it easier for people, businesses and brands to connect. Leaving aside the question of paper books, there are few reasons to mourn theRead… Read more »

Telework Improvement Act Impacts Agency Hiring and Retention Efforts

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster As the federal workforce becomes younger – almost one in three of the 142,690 federal workers hired last year were 29 or younger and one in four was between 30 and 39 – the “typical workday” may change dramatically. The road to one change was paved earlier this summerRead… Read more »

Certifications in the Human Resources field – good, bad, your opinion?

Hi all Members of GovLoop, I need human resource practitioners’ assistance – can you help? I have Human Subject approval from the university and need volunteers who have PHR certifications to assist me with a survey as part of the empirical research required of me as a PhD student at Old Dominion University in Norfolk,Read… Read more »

How can HR best use IT to deliver superior HR service?

Many organizations today are trying to make more effective use of Information Technology (IT) in order to deliver on their mission, reduce costs, improve quality, and save time. Internal HR systems all have the potential to provide major leaps forward. Unfortunately, many organizations spend countless hours and dollars building IT systems, yet they never achieveRead… Read more »

Abolishing Performance Appraisals: Why They Backfire and What To Do Instead

This is the title of one of my favorite books on this topic, authored by Mary Jenkins and Tom Coens. Many people have strong opinions about how to do performance appraisals, what improvements we can make and whether they even work at all. One of the best management thinkers of our time said: “(The annualRead… Read more »

Listen to the Federal News Radio Book Club re DRIVE

If you happened to miss the Federal News Radio Book Club “meeting” about Daniel Pink’s thoughtful book, DRIVE: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us… You can listen online… A special thanks our discussion group… author Daniel Pink… Tim McManus from the Partnership for Public Service… Mr. Govloop himself Steve Ressler… and my co-anchor, AmyRead… Read more »

Examples of Good Web 2.0 Newsrooms/Pages?

After a recent post about newroom 2.0 make overs…I’d now like to emphasize that there is a legitimate need to change towards the use of social media as part of your communication, marketing, outreach, employment recruitment, and the meeting of your agency procurement needs strategy. Therefore, I went looking for good examples of Web 2.0Read… Read more »

Considered a Job or Career Change? A quick survey

Which if any of the following pictures do you identify with as far as providing you the motivation to make the change? What was the incident which sparked the idea? Is this a past or present job? Thanks in advance for sharing your stories!! 1. Don’t jump 2. Butt kisser (imagine seeing this as youRead… Read more »

Diversity and Disability: Expanding Your Pool of Talent

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster by guest blogger, Sheila Newman, President, New Editions Consulting, Inc. For many agencies, people with disabilities are an overlooked, underutilized pool of talent. Often supervisors think people with disabilities can’t do the job, can’t get to the job, won’t fit in with the team, or will cost more toRead… Read more »

Training Employees – Hours Consumed by Employees – PART II

Back in September last year I posted a blog on 2008 statistics on how various industries are providing training hours. I happy to say the statistics include Government this time around! What’s shocking is the fact that the median annual training hours in Government is in single digits – 6.8 hours – whereas other industriesRead… Read more »