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Diversity and Disability: Expanding Your Pool of Talent

Originally posted to Unleash the Monster by guest blogger, Sheila Newman, President, New Editions Consulting, Inc. For many agencies, people with disabilities are an overlooked, underutilized pool of talent. Often supervisors think people with disabilities can’t do the job, can’t get to the job, won’t fit in with the team, or will cost more toRead… Read more »

Training Employees – Hours Consumed by Employees – PART II

Back in September last year I posted a blog on 2008 statistics on how various industries are providing training hours. I happy to say the statistics include Government this time around! What’s shocking is the fact that the median annual training hours in Government is in single digits – 6.8 hours – whereas other industriesRead… Read more »

Government Hiring and Recruiting: What will 2010 bring?

Originally posted by Monster Government Solutions on Unleash the Monster The start of the New Year has our team contemplating what 2010 will bring to HR departments across the government. Here are a couple of areas where we are sure to see a focus on in the coming year: o The hiring process. For aRead… Read more »

President Obama Calls on America’s CEOs for Jobs and Economic Growth

Originally posted on Unleash the Monster As we work to get our economy back on the right track, President Obama has job placement high on his list. In fact, he is calling on America’s CEOs to share lessons learned and offer up their insight into how to accelerate job growth. We couldn’t ignore a callRead… Read more »

BRAC’s Impact from Federal to State

Originally posted on Unleash the Monster For years now, we’ve been preparing for BRAC (base realignment and closures) and yet as we start to see it in action, it really puts into perspective just how broad the impact will be across the board. With the mandate of relocating thousands of military personnel nationwide by SeptemberRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 9 – Productivity and Impact of Misuse

Productivity Social media tools can be valuable resources when used for work-related activities, but inappropriate use of these tools can be a drain on employer resources. Therefore, if an employer supports the use of social media tools during work hours, then that employer’s social media policy should include a reminder to employees that their useRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 8 – Confidential Information, Terms of Service, and Legal Issues

Although it may be a matter of common sense that employees should follow terms of service and the law and also not to disclose confidential information, most social media policies include clauses stating that employees are responsible for their actions with regard to confidential information, terms of service, and obeying the law. What else shouldRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 7 – Commenting and Posting on Topics Related to Work

In addition to personal use of social media tools generally, employees may participate in and comment on discussions, news stories, blog posts, etc. that deal with topics related to the organization. The organization should consider how such interaction using social media tools might impact the organization. In addressing this issue, the organization should consider whetherRead… Read more »

Social Media Policy – Part 6 – Privacy

Most, if not all, social media websites provide options for what information a user makes available to the public. Facebook, for example, offers options for who can view status updates, removing a user’s name from search results, and limiting who can view pictures. According to a recent article published in the Vanderbilt Journal of EntertainmentRead… Read more »