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Teambuilding with Multiple Generations

With four generations spanning our government workforce, many have asked- how can we level all generations and skills to build successful teams and make government better? Leaders in government, young and old, come from all walks of life. Government’s challenge is to harness the diverse skillset, listen to all perspectives, and help generations work together.Read… Read more »

3 Ways to Bring an Entrepreneurial Mindset to Your Agency

LinkedIn. PayPal. YouTube. They’re household names for most — if not all of us. We use these nifty platforms to search and apply for jobs, send and receive payments and watch videos go viral. But behind these household names are bright minds that overcame failures and challenges to shepherd their creations from ideas, to concepts,Read… Read more »

Building the Force of the Future

At the Next Generation of Government Summit, I was sitting in a room of nearly 700 public sector employees from every level of government. As I wandered that room, I asked these govies to tell me about themselves and, let me tell you, I was floored by the dynamism I found. Every person had differentRead… Read more »

Agile: The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread?

According to Project Managers and Agile experts from the U. S. Census Bureau, “Agile is the best thing since sliced”… literally. The “Deeper Dive: Project Management Tips and Concepts” session at this year’s NextGenGov Summit kicked off by asking attendees what they would prefer to buy: a loaf of bread where they had to buyRead… Read more »

Rethinking Leadership in the Everyone-Leads Era

“It’s ok to fall out of a tree.” “Maybe you shouldn’t climb that tree.” Henry De Sio broke the ice during today’s lunchtime keynote here at the 2015 NextGen Conference by bringing his two sons up on stage to share their leadership lessons. The boys were eager to share all of the info they’ve learnedRead… Read more »

To Be Brave or Not to be Brave? Is it Even a Question?

That’s what Elizabeth Fischer Laurie, keynote speaker for Tuesday’s Next Generation of Government Training Summit, asked. As Attorney Advisor of the Department of Health and Human Services, Fischer Laurie addressed typical images that arise when we think of bravery. We often think of cops chasing after the bad guys or firefighters risking their lives to saveRead… Read more »

8 Awesome Tech Tips & Tricks

When you think “tech + government,” do you automatically follow that up with… “= disaster”? Jay Austin, a presenter at Tuesday’s Next Generation of Government Summit, wants to change that perception to one of “tech + government can = awesome stuff.” Austin came to HUD as a Presidential Management Fellow in a not-so-long-ago time when InternetRead… Read more »

5 Ways to Get Well in the Workplace in 60 Seconds or Less

Government workers these days are facing mountains of stress. Limited resources. A 24-7 news cycle. Constant connectivity and all of its demands. A growing disconnect between public perception and needs and the reality of services. Stress manifests itself in a variety of ways — from illness to grumpiness to self-isolation — and too often itRead… Read more »