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The Compliment Sandwich Must Die, and Other Lessons on Leading From Your Level

“Hey, Eric! Nice bow tie. By the way, your performance at last week’s meeting was terrible. That’s a sharp suit you’re wearing!” What you just read is known as a “compliment sandwich.” And Virginia Hill from the Partnership for Public Service explained in the session she led with Jonathan McGee on leading from your levelRead… Read more »

Are You a Rebel At Work? Here’s How To Tell…

Government rebels from all walks of life spanning a range of government agencies united in full force at this year’s NextGenGov’s summit, and it was inspiring. Now, these rebels were not your stereotypical outliers or black sheep; the packed room included a Fellow from the State Department, a Medicaid expert from Wyoming, and a ManagementRead… Read more »

Defending America with Sticky Notes

The story of defending America with sticky notes, or why government needs a generation of young innovators to spread design thinking, tells the story of a small group of young govies who set out to bring innovative ideas and creative processes to the Pentagon. They failed, they learned, but now, they are succeeding as changeRead… Read more »

Courageous Followership & Intelligent Disobedience

In the Next Generation of Government Training Summit session, “Courageous Followership and Intelligent Disobedience: What the Best Leaders Expect from their Teams,” Ira Chaleff used three fun examples: dancing, more dancing (the tango), and guide dogs, to illustrate the concepts of his two books, “The Courageous Follower” and “Intelligent Disobedience.” To explain “followership,” Ira openedRead… Read more »

4 Ways to Build Better Tech in Government

All of us engage with technology on a day-to-day basis. Whether you are responsible for IT operations or a budget analyst who faces daily struggles with antiquated software, we have all experienced the frustration of technology not working the way that it should. So how can you take take the lead in bringing new technologyRead… Read more »

Better Data, Better Decisions

In the Next Generation of Government Training Summit session, “Analyzing Data to Make Better Decisions,” Kirsten Dalboe, MGMT Cube Program Manager at DHS, and Gray Brooks, Senior API Strategist at GSA, shared their successes with using data to improve performance and efficiency. Kirsten was the “data scientist” behind the DHS Management Cube, which integrates financial,Read… Read more »

The Promise of Design Thinking

“The desire to bring new ways of thinking into government is like an insurgency,” said Joshua Marcuse, Senior Advisory for Policy Innovation at DoD. One of those ways of thinking is design thinking, also called human-centered design (HCD). To learn more about design thinking, we spoke with Zvika Krieger, Director of the Strategy Lab atRead… Read more »

Know Your Worth

Government- we live for it, we fight for it, we bleed for it. Okay, maybe that’s a little much. But one thing is certain, young govies are highly invested in their careers because they are invested in serving the public. Just as they say in the highly popular Game of Thrones series, govies say, “TheRead… Read more »

Reframing American Politics

At the age of 33, Don Ness was elected mayor of Duluth, Minnesota. Once an industrial heavyweight on par with Detroit, Duluth had a soaring 20 percent unemployment rate. Although decline had stabilized by the time he came into office, pessimistic voices within the town defined the city’s story. “Stability doesn’t inspire,” Ness observed. HeRead… Read more »

How to Work Well with Millennials

“I am a millennial champion!” proclaimed Lee Caraher, author of Millennials and Management: The Essential Guide to Making it Work at Work, during today’s Next Generation of Government Summit. In a room filled with hundreds of millennials, this assertion got a big cheer. However, Caraher admitted that there are many people in the workforce whoRead… Read more »