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Open Government Needs Public Participation Calendars

Originally posted on the Intellitics blog: Open Government Needs Public Participation Calendars Over at Sunlight Labs, they have some design suggestions today around how federal agencies should approach their new /open website sections with regard to data. Here’s the comment I just left (pretty much the same point I made on the OSTP blog aRead… Read more »

Useful Links for the Open Government Directive

Useful Links for the Open Government Directive OSTP Blog – The White House Open Government Dashboard – Seeking your input: Slides from Open Gov Directive Workshop: Evaluating the /open pages for the Open Government Directive: Sunlight Labs Open Watcher: Participation and Collaboration: Two Cornerstones to an Effective Open Government: BarryRead… Read more »

Los Angeles Budget Challenge: When Surveys Won’t Take No For An Answer

Cross-posted from the Intellitics blog (includes screenshot gallery): Los Angeles Budget Challenge: When Surveys Won’t Take No For An Answer Via Twitter today, I came across a new online consultation by the City of Los Angeles: Los Angeles Budget Challenge How will you balance the City’s budget? The Mayor of the City of Los AngelesRead… Read more »

Crowdsourcing and Public Participation: mapping out the relationship between the two concepts

There has been plenty of talk recently about the prospects of using crowdsourcing as a means to create better policy and to engage citizens in the policy making process. I’ve noticed that a lot of proponents of this approach seem to be unaware of the particular challenges that public participation initiatives by their very natureRead… Read more »

Open Government is Change Management… On Steroids

Giovanni Carnaroli, the associate CIO for IT policy oversight at the Department of Transportation, and Jenn Gustetic from Phase One Consulting Group presented at the Open Government: Strategies and Tactics from the Play Book event last week. For those of you that couldn’t make it, we are introducing our thoughts about how to approach OpenRead… Read more »

Social Production as a Market Strategy – What We Can Learn From U2

Can social production build stronger market economies? Will we create compelling financial incentives and rewards with more social cooperation? “Social production” was cognitively described by Yochai Benkler in the Wealth of Networks. We often think of market and social production as mutually exclusive. We mentally pit financial outcomes against egalitarian “free” outcomes. A good exampleRead… Read more »

Gov 2.0 Goes Local at CityCamp

Who else here hopes to make it to CityCamp in Chicago in January? Looks like a great event is shaping up of January 23-24. What kind of topics would you like to see explored? Any stories/experiences/projects you’d like to share? Also, is hosting the e-mail group for the event, so feel free to virtuallyRead… Read more »

Video on Harrisonburg Summits – Open Space Meetings Hosted by Mayor

I’m excited about this 3-minute video that captures the energy at a Harrisonburg Summit. You’ll see footage from my Mayor’s Sustainability Summit, which is archived online. I was honored to have Harrison Owen, the founder of Open Space Technology, come visit me to give guidance on how to design the first summit. Over 150 peopleRead… Read more »

Citizen Empowerment: a Transformational Model for eGovernment Services

This is a paper we wrote with Xavier Comtesse in March this year for the Governement of the Canton of Geneva in Switzerland to formalize the changes that we see happening in the eGov landscape. The Gov 2.0 mindset is definitely something we want to take into account. You are also welcome to join theRead… Read more »