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Top Webinar Tips – How to Manage Citizen Feedback and Reduce Overhead

We hosted a successful webinar yesterday, How to Manage Citizen Feedback and Reduce Overhead. Nearly 60 governments attended to hear Citywide Records Manager, Wendy Klock-Johnson from the City of Sacramento, discuss how the city successfully streamlined citizen participation with a new tool called eComment and why social media didn’t work! Wendy posted a blog articleRead… Read more »

National Institute of Standards and Technologies Encourages Greater Online Participation in Upcoming Advisory Board Meetings, Nov 3-5

Are you interested in online privacy and cybersecurity? Now, you can watch government and industry experts discuss these issues in upcoming Federal Advisory Board Meetings being held November 3-5. You can tune-in live and submit your views and concerns directly to Board Members. This is government transparency and citizen participation at it’s finest! The NationalRead… Read more »

Collecting Citizen Feedback Online – How to Save Time and Ensure Compliance

I’ve seen a lot of discussion and tips being shared on Govloop around the ways governments are handling citizen participation online – over social media, through their website, etc. I wanted to promote a blog post one of our clients, Wendy Clock-Johnson, Citywide Records Manager for the City of Sacramento, recently contributed to Granicus’ ConnectingRead… Read more »

New Federal Government Meeting Services Introduced to Open Government & Drive Citizen Participation

Granicus just released it’s new Federal Meeting Services to help agencies across all branches of federal government achieve significant transparency and citizen participation results. The new services will enable federal agencies to take advantage of cloud computing, webcasting, and other new media tools to align with heightened technology standards set by President Obama’s Open GovernmentRead… Read more »

Recognition and Social Fear — The Competing Forces of Citizen Participation

What makes for a good day? When you get home at night do you feel like you have had a good day when it is filled with non-stop listening to others and you have had little to say? Or do you have a good day when you can say – “You know what, I hadRead… Read more »

Sunshine 2.0 – What is your government doing? Survey, slides

I’ve cleared the decks this week. Today, I am digging deep into the draft Sunshine 2.0 guide for the national League of Women Voters. I’ve been drawing on my early e-government days in Minnesota state government and my many speaking trips where I’ve collected some of the best examples of democracy online supported by governmentRead… Read more »

Three New State Legislatures to Increase Transparency with New Media

The Oklahoma House of Representatives, Virginia House and Senate, and the Illinois General Assembly – LIS Division recently partnered with Granicus to engage more people in the democratic process with new media tools such as video, bill systems integration, archiving, search, and podcasting. Granicus will be showcasing these and other clients at the National ConferenceRead… Read more »

Are we there yet? Gov 2.0 is still… 2.0

Note: This is an edited version from my blog Just think. The iPhone is getting ready to release its fourth generation. Microsoft has launched its third Windows OS in five years, and we’re into a third tech-savvy US President, but Gov 2.0 is still Gov 2.0. Having spent many years in this field calledRead… Read more »

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration

As I type in the dark at 1:16 EST, there may be some typos. I am watching InSync and the Jacksons performance from the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration, I see a wealth of lessons here. Let’s start with the Jacksons performance of “I want you back” with the same energy, skill, togetherness, and joyRead… Read more »

Judgement Day. How does your government want to be evaluated for “Sunshine 2.0” or your support of democracy online?

The national League of Women Voters has commissioned me via to draft a guide titled “Sunshine 2.0.”In short, local Leagues will use this guide to evaluate their local government online efforts based on their support of democracy. Government themselves, academics, and the media may also use the guide to see how they compare withRead… Read more »