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My Cup of IT: Horse Built By Subcommittee?

By Steve O’Keeffe I’m a simple fellow. I’m easily confused. I’m easily distracted. When I read OMB’s 25-Point Plan to fix Fed IT my head hurt. 25 points. All with associated deadlines. The Almighty himself only had 10 – and no deadlines. Honor Thy Father and Mother – in six months. You Shall NotRead… Read more »

Gilligan’s Island-Keep Government Open-A Three hour Tour

After averting a government shutdown one hour before the deadline, Open Government has more of a platform to thrive and become a business solution to Government like never before. Using our new parody, and following the theme of Gilligan’s Island, after nearly averting a “ship wreck”, (Government shutdown), Open Government has potentially become the newRead… Read more »

If You Won’t Vote, I Don’t Want to Be Part of Your Revolution

This article was originally published in the Huffington Post. Memo to all progressives, activists, eco-warriors and Lefty paradigm shifters: I get it, I get it. Obama is a wimp. The Senate is completely dysfunctional, and your congressperson isn’t doing nearly enough. Right. Check. Now get over yourselves and vote. I agree that the stimulus billRead… Read more »

Setting Goals for Government: Revising GPRA

Here’s a re-posting of a piece I co-authored with Jonathan Breul, Robert Shea, and Jitinder Kohli on the Center for American Progress’s “Doing What Works” website. It’s significant in that it is by senior staffers who worked on government performance issues from the Reagan, Clinton, and both Bush administrations. It explains why the Senate shouldRead… Read more »

Digital IQ’s…Whose is the Highest in the Senate?

Here’s the article from Politico which crowns the 73 year old senator: John McCain, Twitter genius By MEREDITH SHINER | John McCain may be in the political battle of his life to save his Senate seat in Arizona — but he’s a Twitter genius, according to a new report released Thursday. In a joint studyRead… Read more »

My Twitter Senate Experiment: Overview

First off, I believe in the potential of the open government initiative, government 2.0, whatever you wish to call it. My goal is simple, to baseline where we are in terms of basic social engagement at one of the highest levels of our government… The Senate. Here is my approach, for better or for worse:Read… Read more »