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Changes That Help Women Business Owners Grow Through Government Contracting

Businesses have the opportunity to grow their revenues through government contracting. According to, the federal government spends over $500 billion annually on goods and services. Thanks to changes in federal policy, women-owned businesses have a greater chance to win government contracts. The Women-Owned Small Business Program, recently created by the Small Business Administration (SBA),Read… Read more »

Less is More

Optimism is rising among small business owners, but, according to a recent Citibank survey, the rosier outlook may not lead to more hiring, Dow Jones Newswire reports today. While more than 80% of small company CEOs think that 2011 will be better than 2010, only 14% say they will hire additional employees. Unfortunately, this isRead… Read more »

SBA to Amend Business Eligibility Rules and NAICS Code Procedures

In a move to prevent large businesses from claiming set-asides meant for small businesses, the Small Business Administration (SBA) is changing a number of its regulations. The changes include: Clarifying the effect of eligibility decisions on procurements Increasing the amount of time the SBA has to issue formal business size determinations and file North AmericanRead… Read more »

The Scoop on the New Rules for Woman-Owned Small Businesses

Small business administration has been very active these days. They have been issuing rulings left and right and coming down like a ton of bricks on long-established business practices. By the way, GTSI is back to working for the government but they cannot continue subbing to small businesses the way they were doing it. OneRead… Read more »

Latest Federal Acquisition News You Don’t Want To Miss

There have been a number of changes lately that are important to government contracting that you need to know about. But before I delve into them, I wanted to let you know that our November capture and proposal 2-day training courses in Rockville, MD are now half-full, with some people traveling from out of townRead… Read more »

Local Business Contracting Compliance – Do you have tips for us??

The Human Rights Commission (HRC) in San Francisco is committed to ensuring government contracts stimulate the local economy. To ensure compliance with San Francisco Administrative Code Chapter 14B Local Business Enterprise and Non-Discrimination in Contracting Ordinance the HRC has teamed up with the Department of Technology’s Emerging Technologies team. They have been tasked with recommendingRead… Read more »

How Can Open Government or Web 2.0-Help Small Business and the New Jobs Bill?

A bill to make it easier for small businesses to win federal contracts on Thursday cleared the Senate committee where similar provisions have stalled, and the panel’s leader said she is confident the legislation will become law. The Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee unanimously passed the Small Business Contracting Revitalization Act (S. 2989). TheRead… Read more »