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8 Ways to Lead More, Better

Leaders who accept their own limitations and find out what they don’t know demonstrate a sense of humanity and realness to others. People can see when leaders try their best and sincerely care about them. In return, the result is cooperation and comradery, further supporting the goals of the organization and making the workplace more… Read more »

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Want to Lead? 18 Leadership Training Options for Feds

The United States Office of Personnel Management has been working for awhile now to better enhance leadership development to keep qualified employees moving into management positions. This has included developing a training framework for future leaders, as well as defining performance metrics for the SES. Still, agencies have been given a fair amount of leeway when it… Read more »


Transforming Government Like Disney?

Should the federal government be more like Disney when delivering its customer service experiences? Greg Godbout, the chief technology officer at the Environmental Protection Agency, suggests as much when he keynoted an AFCEA roundtable in Bethesda a couple weeks ago.  According to Federal Times, he told the audience how Walt Disney World delivers a seamless… Read more »


Stopping the Mega Problem of Micromanaging

This post is a follow-up to an unanswered question from GovLoop’s recent training, Critical Conversations. Want more topics and information like this? Make sure to register for our upcoming training summit in July, the Next Generation of Government Training Summit. Read the following statements and decide if you agree or disagree with each: Most of my time is… Read more »

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Why Leadership Cannot Be Deferred, Distributed or Delegated

“Moses,” said G-d, a few thousand years ago. “What?” “I need you to abandon your solitary existence and peaceful life, confront Pharoah, and liberate your brothers and sisters, the broken and enslaved Jews. Get them out of Egypt. Now.” “Are you kidding, G-d?” Moses reportedly said. “What’s the problem?” “I’ve got a speech impairment,” said Moses. “You… Read more »

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5 Things I’ve Learned as a Consultant

I’m a city manager. I’ll always consider myself a city manager. I work with other city managers and local-government professionals. But instead of working full-time for one municipality, we now help government leaders create the change their organizations need. Sometimes they need financial analysis or a strategic plan. Sometimes they want to improve their business… Read more »

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Women in Leadership: CEO Barbie

In November 2014, the Pew Research Center surveyed public attitudes regarding gender and leadership in US politics and business. They found that people see little differences between men and women when it comes to leadership. Both genders were equal in terms of innovation, ambition and decisiveness. The major differences that surfaced were women were seen… Read more »

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Everyone Lied: There IS an “I” In Team!

You have been living in a world of lies since kindergarten. From the time you thought paste was a member of the food pyramid, you were taught that there is no “I” in team. And while the spelling bee members of your team were correct — the letter I is not actually in the word — those… Read more »


The Government’s A Joker

According the Government Accountability Office (GAO)’s recently released “Annual Report 2015: Additional Opportunities to Reduce Fragmentation, Overlap, and Duplication, and Achieve Other Financial Benefits”, the government’s a joker. It’s trying to juggle a million different programs, but it can’t quite keep them all under control. Nicky Clowers, Director of Financial Markets and Community Investment Issues… Read more »