The Accidental Creativist

NASA scientists surmise that this photo of Martian soil laced with silica could be the remnants of an ancient hot spring. Yes, Virgina, there was a Perrier plant on the red planet. This discovery came about unexpectedly as the result of a mechanical failure. Both Spirit and its twin rover Opportunity completed their original three-monthRead… Read more »

Rogue Technology Runs Amok @govloop

A recent Lawson/Forrester Report tells us among other things that we must accept “rogue technologies” to stay on top of our business in 2009. I AGREE. Do you feel like a rogue? From the article: 2009 Trends To Watch In Human Resource Management “The following technology and business process-driven trends will be evident in HRMRead… Read more »

TSP Talk – Coiling continues

Good morning. Here is our weekly TSP update taken from TSP Talk’s 2/17/09 daily market commentary: The market got off to a hot start in February as the S&P 500 gained 5.2% during the first week of the month. Unfortunately, those gains dissolved last week as the S&P gave back 4.8%. Where to next? TheRead… Read more »

A Rare Opportunity – Free Classic Harvard Business Review Articles

Microsoft has sponsored several classic Harvard Business Review articles for free download, including three of my favorites: “What Makes a Leader by Daniel Goleman “Level 5 Leadership” by Jim Collins “What Great Leaders Do” by Marcus Buckingham. This is very cool. HBR normally charges $6.50 for each of these articles. Please do not post, copyRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Clinton-Era Census Director Coming Back?

Dr. Kenneth Prewitt, who served as director of the U.S. Census Bureau from 1998 to 2001, is a leading candidate to serve as director once again, according to an administration official and several people familiar with the Census process. During an interview this morning on CNBC, Sen. Judd Gregg (R-N.H.) said “The person that theRead… Read more »

The quest for citizenship in America

From Bunker Hill to Basra: Quest For Black Citizenship In The Americas Thank you for that kind introduction. I’m honored beyond words that you have invited me here today to help commemorate Black History Month. I’m also honored that a kid from a small farm in East Texas has been given the opportunity to doRead… Read more »

Top 10 Reasons You Should Want to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce

In light of recent developments some suggestions on finding the elusive DOC Secretary. Top 10 Reasons You Should Want to be Secretary of the Department of Commerce 10. Yanno that phone number that you call to get the time…yep you’re in charge of it. 9. You get to be in charge of the National InstituteRead… Read more »

What Does ‘Transparency’ Really Mean?

At CGI Federal, where I now work as a “thought leadership” editor, we’ve been mulling the meaning of transparency lately. Current parlance seems to have it meaning things like posting legislation and regulations for comment, posting videos of speeches and directions via YouTube or other such services, agencies getting on Twitter. All sorts of public-facingRead… Read more »