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Highlights of Annual Meeting of Nat’l Academy of Public Administration

The National Academy of Public Administration gathers once a year to discuss some of the biggest management challenges facing our country. The speakers are always terrific and insightful. And I always learn something I never knew. This year was no different. The panel and speakers that really intrigued me focused on a topic I normallyRead… Read more »

Bill Bratton and Zach Tumin: The New “Collabonomics” of Disaster Management

Last week’s New England snowmeggadon showed us how far social media has come in making collaboration across the boundaries of government and citizens easy. And it offered stark contrast between those who get it and use it, and those who don’t. Social media and the digital devices that connect us change the collabonomics of disasterRead… Read more »

How governments can use social media to better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies

Hi All, Thought you might be interested to see this presentation by the Emergency 2.0 Wiki project on how governments can use social media to help their agencies, employees and customers better prepare for, respond to and recover from emergencies. We presented it at the recent Smart Government Conference in Canberra, Australia. We would beRead… Read more »

FOSE 2011, plus ECM’s Benefits To Your Agency

Last week as I walked the exhibition hall at FOSE 2011, I was amazed at how much innovation is aimed at making our United States Government (the greatest in the world) even better. I had some great conversations with government employees, consultants, and vendors who are trying hard to make agencies more efficient, more effective-inRead… Read more »

Emergency 2.0 Wiki Blog is now live!

Hi All, Thought you might be interested to know that the Emergency 2.0 Wiki Working Group have just launched the blog site and are undertaking a “Blog Launch Blitz” right this minute, to promote the wiki locally and globally to our stakeholders using social media! We’re in Brisbane, Australia with our laptops and mobile phonesRead… Read more »

Emergency and Disaster Management 3.0

Over the past decade emergencies, disasters and catastrophic events have occurred with greater frequency. Meet Emergency and Disaster Management 3.0 and beyond! The DEMAND™ CARD System. Disaster Evacuation Mobile Access and Data Card – DEMAND™ CARD System In the United States: Every 4.7 seconds wildfires destroy an acre of forest Every 219 days a hurricaneRead… Read more »

Cory Booker is a Hero, But Could He Have Done More?

Cory Booker (@corybooker), the mayor of Newark, NJ made headlines recently with his heroic efforts to rescue residents from Snowpocalypse one tweet at a time. Whether its delivery diapers, shoveling entryways, or sending snowplows, he stepped out of bureaucracy to come across as a real, caring human being anxious to aid during a time ofRead… Read more »

CB2: On Location at the Colombian Floods

Hola and Feliz Navidad from 35,000 feet as I blog on my return flight from Bogota, Colombia where I return with sunburn, coffee and new perspectives after working with the government of Barranquilla to combat devastating floods in the country. Exactly one week after witnessing the Army Corp of Engineers’ giant levee plug in Vicksburg,Read… Read more »