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Look at What Gov Can Do? Profiles of Excellence

The drumbeat of low morale, budget cuts and pay freezes portray a dark vision of federal workers and the federal space itself. But in reality there is excellence brewing at every agency. The Partnership for Public Service highlights some of those great stories in their annual Service to America Medals. The 31 finalists in sevenRead… Read more »

The Best of Romney’s ‘Binders Full of Women’ Meme

Mitt Romney’s unfortunate phrasing touched off Internet hysteria following the Oct. 16 town hall presidential debate. The moment came when Romney stumbled over a question regarding pay equity, telling the audience how he used “binders full of women” to recruit female cabinet members as Governor of Massachusetts. The full remark courtesy of the ABC NewsRead… Read more »

Navigating the Miserable Workplace

I was reading Deb Green’s post, Preventing the Miserable Workplace — that was miraculously trending on the GovLoop homepage this morning, four months after its original publish date — and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a fed employee friend who is unequivocally unhappy with his workplace. Deb’s post is about howRead… Read more »

Preventing The Miserable Workplace

Have you ever voted with your feet? Voting with your feet means you’ve left a job because you were absolutely miserable doing the work. You weren’t challenged by the work, you felt you were just a cog in a wheel, and no one really knew you for who you were, just the jobs that youRead… Read more »

Webinar: Digital Communications Excellence with Kitsap County, WA

GovDelivery is hosting a webinar with Kitsap County on December 1, 2011 at 1 pm CST. Attend this webinar to learn how Kitsap County is achieving digital communications excellence with several initiatives, including KENS – short for Kitsap County Electronic Notification System. Hear Douglas Bear, Kitsap County’s Public Communications Manager, discuss their digital communications strategies,Read… Read more »

On Becoming a “Word Artist” on Stage and Page: How to ASPIRE-2 – Critical Components of “Excellence”

Hi, In between working on the Gentoring ™ concept, I’m finishing my essay on ASPIRE-2. Email if you missed Part I which focused on the first six (ASP) “creativity” characteristics — Aggression & Accessibility Symbol & Synthesis Poignant & Playful Imagery & Irony Risk-Taking and Rhythm ‘n Rhyme Expressive & Excellence To read this essayRead… Read more »

The Deming Award – Recognizing Excellence in Training!

Each year the Graduate School presents the W. Edwards Deming Award to a federal government organization or a civilian or uniformed branch of the military in recognition of an impressive workforce development and training initiative that has measurably improved the organization’s performance. Considered the father of Total Quality Management (TQM), Dr. Deming created a bodyRead… Read more »

When a city works: sharing Central Park with a dog, a husband, and a couple of thousand triathletes who have just swum the Hudson River

Today my husband, dog, and I went to Central Park for a photo shoot–for my husband and dog. Jeff (the husband) has a book coming out about project management at the end of the year. He’s upgrading his website, and so he hired a very nice photographer to take pictures for his website that showRead… Read more »

Service Leadership highlighted at yesterday’s Excellence in Government Conference

Originally posted on at I spent the day yesterday at the “Excellence in Government Conference” focusing mostly on developing a leadership culture within organizations, but to a lesser extent (at least in the sessions I attended and discussions I had) on citizen engagement through social media, a culture of service, and managing actualRead… Read more »

NIST Baldrige National Quality Program Launches New Blog

We have created this blog for you because so many people share our passion for excellence and a desire to improve organizations. It’s THE place to discuss, debate, and exchange ideas and lessons learned on all things performance excellence and improvement related. It won’t be the same without your comments, so please join the conversation!Read… Read more »