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Government’s Little State That Could

Whoever said size doesn’t matter may have been onto something. States with a larger population size do not necessarily have all the success stories. At times, smaller states have a greater advantage. A smaller workforce can lead to less red tape and easier modes of communication. One of the state leaders in information technology (IT) innovation is WyomingRead… Read more »

How to Get Rid of IT Sprawl

So you’ve officially decided that the obsolete, inefficient way of managing information technology at your agency should no longer be utilized. Congratulations! You’ve effectively decided to get rid of IT sprawl, a reality too often seen in government. As a refresher, IT sprawl happens when information is separated, disparate applications are deployed, and there areRead… Read more »

How Employees In ‘Mission-Critical Occupations’ View Federal Work

IT specialists are among the most sought after professionals in the federal government, yet they do not give the government high ratings when it comes to recruiting, retaining or training them.

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What the CIO Wants

What do the government’s tech bosses want? George DelPrete, a principal with the professional services network Grant Thornton, has the answers. For the 25th consecutive year, Grant Thornton and the Professional Services Council released their annual federal CIO survey, revealing the issues that concern the government’s CIOs the most. In an interview with Chris DorobekRead… Read more »

Leadership in Action

With each edition of The Business of Government magazine, my goal is straightforward: to introduce readers to the works, insights, and advice from some of today’s key government executives, who are tackling significant management challenges and seizing opportunities to lead. To complement these examples of leadership in action, I also highlight the practical, actionable research… Read more »

Growing Government IT with Venture Capitalism

For those of us with a green thumb, we know that a plant needs water, good fertilizer, and a little love to nurture growth. In the government IT arena, the Govtech Fund is nurturing that growth. When looking at the private industry, the number of companies with venture capital entities backing new products is extensive.Read… Read more »

How to Start Your New IT Journey

Government needs a way to think holistically about IT, not letting solutions fall into separate silos Technology has connected government to citizens in meaningful ways. With an ability to reach people through a variety of social channels and aggregate more information than ever before, agencies are using data as a means to identify new waysRead… Read more »

4 Essentials for Your Government Portal

Government agencies are quickly transforming to increase efficiencies and productivity as they adopt emerging technologies. With the emergence of web portals, increased consumer adoption of mobile devices, and higher demand for online services, government institutions are tasked to use technology to meet the demands of citizens in new, innovative ways. To meet citizen demands andRead… Read more »