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The Importance of Being Global: Cultural Competence in the Public Sector

A study on trends in cultural competence focusing on healthcare policy, practice and education cites cultural competence as a strategy to improve quality of care and eliminate racial/ethnic disparities. The aim is to “develop a workforce capable of delivering high-quality care and services to everyone regardless of race, ethnicity, culture or language proficiency,” state contributorsRead… Read more »

New contest: can you describe a new start-up (or organization) without using ANY of these words?

I originally wrote this blog post because I have noticed, as the federal government has gotten more “startuppy,” the language in the articles covering Startup Gov enterprises has started to get more buzzwordtistic, more tech startup delirious. To the detriment of sense. We can stop this, people. We can, and we should, because at aRead… Read more »

3 Crowdsourcing Services for Translating Your Website

Despite popular belief, English is not the universal language of the Internet. The U.S. Government knows this better than anyone, which is why they look to NAICS code 54193 to acquire the services necessary to translate .gov sites into multiple languages. What form do these services typically take? Direct contract labor of course, which isn’tRead… Read more »

Bridging the language gap between English and Chinese speakers online

Here’s an Australian initiative addressing a key challenge in the Asia-Pacific area: bridge the culture and language gap between English and Mandarin speakers online. The Marco Polo Project is an internet platform where Chinese and English language learners collectively reference and translate Chinese writing for an international audience. The website combines the functions of anRead… Read more »

Web Manager University Gets New Name. Same Great Training

Web Manager University, the federal government’s training program for web, new media, and citizen engagement managed by GSA, has changed its name to DigitalGov University (DGU). We changed our name to reflect the growing demand to help agencies serve customers through digital media and citizen engagement. Our broad curriculum includes training in social media, citizenRead… Read more »

More From the Government Man – What You See (and Hear) is Not Always What You Get

Today’s blog is a little less on humor and more on commentary. Consider it a primer for interpreting some of the political fluff the public will be subject to in this election year. Those who have read my book, Confessions of a Government Man, or listened to my meanderings, know that I have an absoluteRead… Read more »

Clearmark/Wondermark Plain Language Awards Are Important to Customer Service

I’ve said this hundreds of times: if we don’t communicate effectively, we don’t serve effectively. It’s as simple – and as difficult- as that. If customers can’t understand what you have to offer, can’t understand where to find it or what they’re supposed to do with it, then they can’t use your services. And you’veRead… Read more »

White House Calls Federal Agencies’ BLUF: Says Use Plain Language

The Plain Writing Act of 2010 called on federal agencies to simplify the language used in issuing rules and regulations. As a part of the Open Government movement, federal agencies were to use plain, common English in official correspondence rather than writing in government-speak – a language commonly known for using a dozen words whereRead… Read more »

Mission Essential Personnel Announces New Credit Facility With Bank Of America

12/5/2011 Chantilly, VA – Mission Essential Personnel, LLC (MEP) announced today it has established a new multi-million credit facility with Bank of America that will provide MEP with additional operating liquidity and capital for strategic acquisitions and investments. MEP Chief Financial Officer Michael Jakobowski said, “The establishment of this facility will support MEP’s global operationsRead… Read more »