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What Does It Really Take to Get Things Done?

Finally, research shows why cross-functional collaboration is so important to getting things done. A recent survey of 400 global company CEOs found that executing their company’s strategy heads their list of challenges. Related studies show two-thirds to three-quarters of large organizations struggle to implement their strategies. What these studies found sounds very familiar to whatRead… Read more »

Developing Managers and Leaders

The distinction between “management” and “leadership” is important, because they serve different roles in an organization — and they require different approaches in how they are developed. The Government Accountability Office has released its updated list of high risk areas across the federal government. It flags for attention the mission-critical skills gap in jobs suchRead… Read more »

Questionable Leadership Decisions: “Pass or Run?”

Super Bowl XLIX was this weekend. The Seattle Seahawks had second-and-goal at the 1 with 26 seconds remaining. The Seahawks were only one yard away from a second consecutive championship. Everyone, including me, knew that the only logical thing was for the quarterback to hand off the ball to their best running back to run theRead… Read more »

6 Important Reminders for Managers from Google Leadership

Here at GovLoop and GovDelivery, supervisors occasionally trade tips, management ideas, and best practices over email. We love learning from one another, and are constantly looking for ways to improve the way our companies work. So when Scott Burns, GovDelivery’s CEO, sent across an email with Book Recommendation: How Google Works, as the subject line, myRead… Read more »

How’s Your Work-Life Balance in Today’s Digital/Mobile World?

Today’s increasing reliance on new and evolving information technology in employment has given new meaning to the term work-life balance. That’s because the 21st century proliferation of digital/mobile IT tools to do our jobs is radically transforming how and when we work in fundamental ways. The question now is whether the transition to the virtualRead… Read more »

Does Management Matter?

A recent news story of how the on-line shoe company Zappos has eliminated the position of manager has raised again the question of whether management matters. A new Harvard Business Review article says “yes,” and they have the data to prove it. The Zappos story about eliminating traditional managers has an exciting air to it.Read… Read more »

Notes from NAPA – First Do No Harm with Government Reorganization

With Commerce Secretary Gary Locke headed for a new job as ambassador to China, there was buzz in DC about what’s next for Commerce – the agency expected to be the center of a competitiveness focused reorganization. I listened to a vastly experienced cast of candid public servants – many who are now formers –Read… Read more »

NIC and MeriTalk Report Overview: Innovators Anonymous

NIC and MeriTalk recently partnered to conduct a survey, Innovators Anonymous. In December of 2012, MeriTalk surveyed 200 Federal managers to understand the impact of budget cuts on agency programs. MeriTalk explored how Federal managers were responding to challenges and what kinds of innovative approaches managers were taking to combat budget cuts. Report Highlights MeriTalkRead… Read more »