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The One-Stop Shop for Health Insurance

Yesterday, the White House released a memo outlining the prospects of the upcoming Health Insurance Marketplace to increase choice and control for consumers. The Marketplace (aka Exchanges) will be operated differently in each state, but will nonetheless serve as the single application through which folks will be able to see if they qualify for financialRead… Read more »

How Elearning Authoring Tool Makes Online Training Different From Conventional Training

E-learning has been known to be one of the fastest growing means of education in the modern day world. The advances of the technology have granted all the possible sources to make learning interesting and stress free. The discovery of modern devices has brought the tool of e-learning into the hands of many. Since weRead… Read more »

Accellion is the #1 choice of IT and Security professionals for enterprise file sharing and sync

Download Free Gartner MarketScope Report: Accellion, Inc., has received the highest rating possible, a “Strong Positive” in the Gartner MarketScope for “Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing based on evaluation of the Accellion Secure Mobile File sharing solution.” The Gartner MarketScope notes that “enterprise file synchronization and sharing (EFSS) offerings enable productivity and collaboration for mobileRead… Read more »

Mag+ New Release Offers Flexibility Beyond Digital Publications

OmniStudio is excited to announce the 4.1 release of Mag+! The latest iteration of this beautiful and flexible publishing tool allows for clients to think outside the box of standard periodical publication and develop a mobile app that meets all their needs. Updated features will allow users to click on jump links Horizontal scrolling isRead… Read more »

Get Ahead of the Curve with Cloud based Collaboration

According to analyst firm, Enterprise Strategy Group, the enterprise cloud based file sharing revolution is being driven not by IT, but by end users – individuals who need to access and share data across laptops, smart phones and tablets whenever the need may arise. And, it’s these individuals who often subscribe to consumer-based file sharingRead… Read more »

Need for Mobile Productivity and Collaboration Driving Federal Cloud Deployments

If you’re in the government sector, new cloud services and products are likely in the plans for 2013. Cloudmomentum continues to build according to InformationWeek Government’s third annual Federal Cloud Computing survey, which showed that half of its agency respondents are currently moving ahead with cloud adoption or are in the early stages of doingRead… Read more » Unveils 2013 Predictions for Online Backup and Recovery

Hardware Backup Appliances Move toward Extinction While New Generations of Cloud-based Backup and Recovery Technologies Are more Widely Adopted today unveiled five predictions for the online backup and recovery market for 2013, all pointing to the broader adoption of online backup in more industries and the extinction of hardware backup appliances. From education andRead… Read more »

D2D2T vs. Online Server Backup – The Battle of Cost, Complexity, and Capabilities

Why Online Server Backup is Better Than Tape Backup by Nick Mueller, VNM101212 – An epic server backup battle is being waged right now in IT shops at small and medium-sized businesses all over the world. The battle is really just the choice between tapes, disks, D2D2T, and online server backup (which includes manyRead… Read more »

Business Watch: One Chinese Company Dominating the Online Markets

For many years now, China has been known for its advancements — and investment — in technology. It’s no surprise Internet marketing is a rapidly growing field in the country. In fact, it’s growing so quickly there are not enough trained professionals to fill the available jobs. Baidu, a Chinese-based Web company, identified this deficitRead… Read more »