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National Writing Examiner (NWE) 101: the art of grant writing

by Donna L. Quesinberry National Writing Examiner Writing is an art that takes on many forms. Success-driven grant writing is an art that uses a logical structure and clear arguments to secure needed funding for a potential awardee. The grant proposal is like a sales proposal (most recognized are federal acquisition proposals) in as farRead… Read more »

Now playing: “This Week in Participation” (TWiP)

We’re in the process of launching “This Week in Participation” (TWiP), a new podcast slash interview series slash internet radio show on, you guessed it, participation. The first couple of episodes went live earlier this week: TWiP 1: Urgent Evoke (11 minutes) TWiP 2: Crowdstorming (14 minutes) The format is pretty casual. WeRead… Read more »

O’Reilly Gov 2.0 Online Conf is 3/11 – Aussie Senator Kate Lundy added!

Hey all, Just a reminder that we’re just over a week away until the next Gov 2.0 Online Conference from O’Reilly. It happens March 11 from 9am / 11am PST – 11:15am / 2:15pm EST. Registration is free! PROGRAM UPDATE: New Speaker Added! We’re excited to have added Senator Kate Lundy (ACT, Australian Government) toRead… Read more »

What’s YOUR Passion? Why should We Care?

This weekend, I participated in the Science Online 2010 conference at the Research Triangle in North Carolina, at the request of Karen James of the HMS Beagle Project. We connected on Twitter. She works in the UK. I work in DC. We met for the first time in North Carolina. Pretty cool, huh! Our panelRead… Read more »

On Birth and Extintion of Digital Ecosystems

Our increasing participatory and interactive behavior in the Internet is evolving at such speed that our metamorphosis into digital species feels like it is happening overnight. We are collectively developing all sorts of digital ecosystems and new market laws where things are moving so fast that marketers have little time to find out what areRead… Read more »

How-To: Create Strong Passwords and Foil Hackers in 6 Easy Steps

Author’s note: this is a guide to help you better protect yourself and your privacy online. While no method is full-proof, these steps will point you in the right direction and I encourage everyone to work towards a safer, more secure New Year in 2010. Creating strong passwords is not enough when you consider justRead… Read more »

My e-Government Santa Wish #2: an One Stop Government

This is a crosspost of Dear Santa, I hope you were able to enforce Web Accessibility on State & Local Government levels. My second wish is as challenging as the first one. Santa Art by Sophie (7 years) Each time I need a government service, I need to wade through numerous of websites toRead… Read more »

Free Gov 2.0 Online Conference from O’Reilly – December 10

O’Reilly Media is pleased to announce its first Gov 2.0 Online Conference, scheduled for December 10, 2009. The O’Reilly Gov 2.0 Online Conference is a FREE, three-hour event that will show off some of the brightest examples of Web 2.0 technologies creating greater collaboration, transparency, and efficiencies in government – from the comfort and convenienceRead… Read more »

Department of Defense (DoD) Business Transformation Agency (BTA) EP&I Title 5 violations – part two

From the Government Business Examiner Continued from part one-Department of Defense (DoD) Business Transformation Agency (BTA) EP&I Title 5 violations – part one Continued from part one Not only were tax dollars wasted, but the waste was sanctioned by leadership. And, with the mission of the warfighter a main BTA proclamation, it has occurred toRead… Read more »

Integrating an online community engagement strategy

Republished from eGov AU. When I wrote my first online community engagement strategy for Telstra’s Wireplay service in 1997, one of the factors I considered was how to ‘complete the loop’ – integrate inbound and outbound online channels to reach, engage and promote interaction across the widest possible audience. In those days we used massRead… Read more »