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A Pivotal Period for Afghanistan: Interview with Larry Sampler, assistant to the USAID Administrator for Afghanistan and Pakistan

In advance of the Afghan Presidential election run-off scheduled for June 14, Larry Sampler, assistant to the USAID Administrator for Afghanistan and Pakistan join me on The Business of Government to explore how USAID has sought to promote stability and order in Afghanistan and what is USAID’s three-fold transition strategy. The following is an excerptRead… Read more »

The 4-1-1 to IPv6

Republished from Mary Davie’s blog, Great Government through Technology Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6) year-end FY14 deadlines are fast approaching for the federal government. If you haven’t started, now is a good time to consider how far we’ve come and what we have left to do to complete IPv6 transition. The CIO Council’s IPv6 guidanceRead… Read more »

My Military to Private Sector Transition – Seven Lessons Learned

By John Rumbaugh, Program Manager and former Military Officer I retired in March after 30 years as a US Naval Officer. It was the end of a rewarding career that included travel, challenging work and camaraderie, but I knew that it was also the beginning of a new post-military chapter. While I was excited aboutRead… Read more »

Inauguration Bite: 4 things you can do to deal with the transition

Today is Inauguration Day and no amount of prep work can prepare anyone for the tremendous amount of changes that the administration will face in the upcoming months. Cabinet secretaries will be confirmed. Policies will be unveiled. And the new 113 Congress will get down to governing. So what can you do? The career fedRead… Read more »

Managing Myths During the Transition

Inauguration is a week away. Are you ready for the transition? When it comes to managing during the transition a couple think instantly pop: avoid gossip and do your homework. Tom Fox is the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at the Partnership for Public Service. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program thatRead… Read more »

Federal Government Reform Resources: The IBM Center

The IBM Center’s newly-released “Next Four Years” Resource Center updates its 2009 Presidential Transition materials for new political appointees. But it offers more in the way of other good government imperatives that will challenge leaders tomorrow. There are six “go to” topics in the IBM Center’s Resource Center for incoming new political appointees as wellRead… Read more »

Transition Tips: 5 Steps to a Presidential Appointment

If you’ve been around Washington long enough, the following should come as no surprise: if you’re a government civil servant interested in landing a presidential or political appointment in the new Administration, the chances are not in your favor. Nevertheless, anything is possible during a presidential transition and longshots do come in — albeit rarely.Read… Read more »

Transition Turmoil Is No Joke — De-mystifying the Second Term’s Revolving Door

The second term revolving door is no myth. In fact the transition from the President’s first term to his second term will bring tremendous change the cabinet and agency leadership. So how should you prepare for the transition and the first 100 days? Tom Fox is the Vice President for Leadership and Innovation at theRead… Read more »

Former CIO of DOT Speaks on the Transition

What does the transition from President Obama’s first term to his second term mean for political appointees and career staff? Dan Mintz, former CIO of the Department of Transportation weighs in on the transition in today’s DorobekINSIDER interview. Mintz was part of the transition team after former President Bush’s second term. New team = RapidRead… Read more »