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The Dynamics of Creative Leadership-Partnership: Forces and Concepts for Transforming Change and Conflict into Creativity and Community

What does it take to be a creative leader? I definitely have been giving this some thought, developing and increasingly applying three programs in the past two years:  “Transforming Change and Conflict into ‘Passion Power’: The Art of Inspiring Leadership”  “Does Your Organization Need a Jolt of CPR – Generating Creativity, Passion andRead… Read more »

Fair AND Simple and Fast? OPM Director John Berry Issues Call to Action for Federal Hiring

By Erica Pierson Originally posted on Unleash the Monster From job announcements to applicant tracking, the federal hiring process can be burdensome. In fact, two senior senators recently introduced a bill that would require greater efficiencies in the federal hiring process, particularly for agencies that are overwhelmed with processing applicants. It appears that vast changesRead… Read more »

Why Social Media Matters to the Next Generation of Government Leaders

Originally published as part of the FEDManager’s “Ask Young Government Leaders” series. @govloop: “The arbiters of cool are about to hit the stage.” #ogi In less than 140 characters, @GovLoop – also known as Steve Ressler, co-founder of Young Government Leaders (YGL) and creator of the “Facebook for Government” – used Twitter to announce theRead… Read more »

Top 49 “best” Park and Rec Municipal Websites (with Details and Scoring)

I am in a project to re-design a city website and as city websites age there is starting to a a common vocabulary that surfaces. Common missions also bring up common tasks and functions that a website would have to handle. This part of the study was for city Facilities that are open to theRead… Read more »

Federal Eye: Same-Sex Benefits Bill Clears First Hurdle

A bill granting full health-care benefits to domestic partners of gay and lesbian federal employees cleared its first legislative hurdle today, as a House subcommittee approved the measure along a party-line vote. The House subcommittee on federal workforce issues approved the Domestic Partnership Benefits and Obligations Act by a 5 to 3 vote. The measureRead… Read more »

Redoing a website in 6 weeks… NEED your input!

Hi guys – I’ve been away for a while due to a new little project I’ve immersed myself in… while we have kept putting off the need to redo our website as we focused on delivering really challenging projects for the past few years (Abu Dhabi permits portal, Houston migrated off a mainframe in 90Read… Read more »

Looking for Human Resources Practitioners to Connect on GovLoop and LinkedIn for future research….

I will be starting my PhD in Education this fall, with my discipline focusing on (Ok here goes, its long!) – Occupational Studies and Technology with a Focus on Training & Development in Human Resources. I’m going to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I’m very excited about this third degree (I also have Bachelor’sRead… Read more »