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Show Me the Money, Salary and Benefits

A post by Patra Frame, ClearedJobs.Net HR Specialist When you are looking for a new job, a critical issues is pay and benefits. Yet too many of us don’t even think about these issues in advance. You need to or you may make simple mistakes with large dollar, long-term career consequences. So first, what constitutesRead… Read more »

Daily Dose: “Supercommittee” Uncertainty Over Federal Benefits

Federal workers have been wondering what employee benefits might be up for cuts under the new Congressional “Supercommittee”, but last week’s appointments don’t necessarily shed light on what the future might hold. The Washington Post has dug into the committee members’ voting records and found that most have little to no history in federal benefits.Read… Read more »

Daily Dose: Federal Workers Will Likely Feel the Squeeze Under New Debt Deal

The White House and Congress appear to be on the verge of closing a new agreement to fix the debt ceiling, a deal that features massive cuts and no new revenue. What does this mean for federal workers? While the deal does not include explicit cuts for federal workers, that doesn’t mean they won’t feelRead… Read more »

Retain User Adoption consultants beyond the initial contract to sustain ROI.

This article was originally published on Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATION You are responsible for ensuring end-user adoption of the IT system in your organization. To ensure this occurs, you retained consulting services unique to user adoption, such as Tri Tuns. Now that the contract is near completion, you are worried that you may see aRead… Read more »

Government Benefits Worth Your Money

Goal: Make sense of your benefits package and pick the programs right for you. How To Cover Your Benefits Bases: 1. Pick a health/vision/dental insurance plan that suits your working style (i.e. HMO for staying put/PPO for travelling Govvies). 2. Contribute 5% to your retirement account or enough to get the full employer match, whicheverRead… Read more »

Expanded Tobacco Cessation Services for Federal Employees

Beginning on January 1, 2011, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) will require all insurance carriers in the Federal Employees Health Benefits (FEHB) Program to offer standardized, expanded tobacco cessation coverage. This includes full coverage (no enrollee copayments, no coinsurance, no deductibles, and no annual/lifetime dollar limits) for seven FDA-approved medications, four counseling sessionsRead… Read more »

Return on Relationships

This article was originally published on the Tri Tuns Blog. OBSERVATIONIt is a common trap on many IT projects that team members are so focused on ensuring project “success” (typically defined as on-time and on-budget delivery) that team members forget the critical importance of developing and maintaining effective relationships. Ironically, forgoing the relationship building elementsRead… Read more »

UPCOMING WEBINAR ON THE “TBC ACQUISITION METHOD.” The TBC method enables Government Agencies to reduce expenses and actually create real opportunities for government workers during economic downturns

Many government officials including mayors, council members, city administrators, public purchasing officials, CIO (IT) directors, and more are looking for ways to provide services and not layoff workers. Today, there is not enough tax revenue available to support budgets. There is an option–it’s called the Transitional Benefits Corporation Methodwhich provides real opportunities for continued governmentRead… Read more »

OPM’s New Fed. Employee Health Benefits Plans Database To Put You At Risk?

Thought I would pass this along to you Federal employees: FEHBP database raises privacy concerns By Emily Long 10/05/2010 A new Office of Personnel Management database designed to track federal employee health benefit plans could put at risk the personal information of participants, according to privacy advocates. OPM last week announced plans for a databaseRead… Read more »

Pledge to America Could Mean Peril for Govies

Lawmakers recently unveiled their “Pledge to America” and invited Congress to approve several bills that would reduce the size of government which they believe will rein in spending. The “Pledge” itself is awesome! It reminded me of what it truly means to be an American. It also reminded me of the reasons why I choseRead… Read more »