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Leveraging Web 2.0 in Government

I should go through my bookshelves more often! This weekend, while sorting and thinking, I rediscovered a hard copy of the IBM Center for the Business of Government’s Fall/Winter 2008 publication. One of the articles jumped out at me: Leveraging Web 2.0 in Government, by Ai-Mei Chang and P.K. Kannan. Chang is Professor of SystemsRead… Read more »

Do Government Agencies Need Viral Video Response Teams?

“On Easter Sunday in a small mountain town, the intentionally playful actions of two employees quickly became a worldwide marketing nightmare for a large company franchise. A slow workday at Domino’s Pizza in Conover, N.C. prompted this duo to create videos showing a male sticking cheese up his nose and then putting it on aRead… Read more »

I’ve been surfing social media and the general election in the UK

It’s my understanding that next general election must be held by the first week of next June, and might be called sooner. This is a terrific opportunity to observe the voters, parties and government of a highly educated, bandwidth-rich nation as they engage with social media under election pressure. I won’t pretend to provide anythingRead… Read more »

Twitter and Open Government Conference: Stats and Observations

I was very encouraged to see the organizers of the recent OGI conference ( embrace the use of Twitter from the on-set of the event planning. They established the #ogi tag early, made good use of the platform for early buzz, and enlisted the use of strong talent like @mixtmedia and @lostonroute66 for support. So,Read… Read more »

New business imperative: Share relentlessly or Perish

There is an organization that, in the last 6 months, has embraced leading edge technology, open information exchange, collaboration amongst departments and with external partners, focus on customer service, speed of deployment, as well as experimentation with game-changing ideas. Is this organization some kind of Silicon Valley start-up driven by a few highly caffeinated Gen-YRead… Read more »

5 Tips and Tools to Check Out Before You Go to the Open Government & Innovations (OGI) Conference NEXT WEEK!

The Open Government & Innovations Conference, “OGI” for short, is jam-packed with world-renowned speakers, cutting-edge research and real-life case studies (you can see the details in all of their glory here). Whether you work in the public or private sector, you’re going to learn a ton and make dozens of contacts. To make sure thatRead… Read more »

Culture Change for Government 2.0

The text and slides below are for my session at Public Sphere #2 – Government 2.0: Policy and Practice which is being held at Parliament House tomorrow. The talk is just 10 minutes long, so I don’t go into any real depth – but it is a nice, quick overview. For something organised quickly andRead… Read more »

Twitter set to introduce “verified” accounts this summer…what a relief!… or is it?

This summer, Twitter is apparently planning to introduce “verified” accounts for celebrities, public officials, government agencies “and other well known individuals at risk of impersonation.” At first blush, this sounds like a good move: it will put many public affairs shops at ease and will level the playing field for agencies coming late to theRead… Read more »

Strategic Social needs a Director of Business Development

Strategic Social is an emerging technology and service provider of social media and web 2.0 services and solutions to the federal government. If you have a passion for national security and Web 2.0, we encourage you to join the team. All job related questions should be directed to [email protected] The link below has the fullRead… Read more »