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Tilting at Windmills

free_107980 Have you ever found yourself tilting at windmills, only to discover the enemy is within?

The expression, “tilting at windmills” refers, as you probably know, to fighting imaginary enemies, and is taken from Don Quixote’s misconstrued view of windmills in the distance to be larger-than-life enemies:

“Just then they came in sight of thirty or forty windmills that…


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Civil Service 2.0 – Reforms 60 Years in the Making

70 percent of federal employees do not believe promotions in their work unit are based on merit, and only 43 percent of employees surveyed feel as though they are recognized for doing a good job.

Those dire numbers are highlights from the latest Federal Employee Viewpoint…


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How Integrated Product Teams Can Improve Performance and Save Money

Team Image In this time of tight budgets and mandates to do more or the same with less, the need for innovation through greater communication and cooperation is greater than ever.   The intelligent use of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) that foster an organizational climate of cross-functional collaboration can drive innovation throughout your processes.

This is accomplished by having…


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SUCCESS RULE #41 Remember Where You Came From

Today’s rule is again written by guest writer Cindy Lee, an extraordinarily talented writer and success rule follower.

If you've been a success rule follower for any period of time, you have undoubtedly come to realize the Rules and Tools for Success are not stand alone, nor are they the end all-be all to…


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15 Opportunities for Your Agency to Innovate in Government

The Department of the Interior has successfully matched their message to the right medium with their use of Instagram -- and that's one of the ways government can innovate better. 

Wednesday, GovDelivery…


Added by Catherine Andrews on April 23, 2014 at 9:30am — 2 Comments

How to Beat Workplace Burnout – And Come Back Swinging

Is this you? Are you suffering from work burnout? Follow our tips to get rested and back in the game.

The most obvious symptom? I was letting my house plants die.

Crackling dry leaves and drooping stems greeted me every…


Added by Jessie Kwak on April 23, 2014 at 9:00am — 3 Comments

10 Signs Your Change Initiative Stands A Chance

Change initiatives are notoriously prone to failure. As an employee you want to learn how to be a weathervane. Which way is the wind blowing? How do we make the most of good weather, and set the damage from a thunderstorm right?

You also want to know what a good mix of positive…


Added by Dannielle Blumenthal on April 22, 2014 at 8:00pm — 1 Comment

5 Budgeting Process Challenges and Steps to Start Solving Them

Long established practices used to manage budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and risk management are becoming increasingly complex. As a result, budget and finance professionals are being pressured to improve accuracy, efficiency, better controls, and auditability and to provide greater visibility into costs, resources, and performance, which is not an easy task.

For this…


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The Rise of Data - Plus the 7 Gov Stories

On GovLoop Insights’ DorobekINSIDER:

  • Open data is no longer just a fad. We’re now living in a world that demands government data be open to the public. So how can agencies cope? Last year the Sunlight Foundation came out with their Open Data Policy guidelines. The goal of the…


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Taking Stock

iStock_000006626473Small Did 2014 start off with a roar or a whimper in your organization?

Here we are, one quarter down, reports on the health of the organization piling up on your desk. How was it? Was this the kickoff quarter to a profitable year, or are year end goals falling further away?

When you…


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Is Sleep for the Weak?

       Sleep is more important than many employers give it credit for. Follow these tips to see how you can sleep better.

“We live in a 24/7 world. There are plenty of people willing to work evenings and weekends. If you can’t cut it, there are…


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Celebrating Genius As A Form Of Diversity

A lot of companies talk about innovation, but few are prepared for dealing with actual creative people. They hire for uniqueness and then complain that unique…

Added by Dannielle Blumenthal on April 21, 2014 at 7:47pm — No Comments

You Are Not Alone – There Are Thousands Of Women In GIS

March was Women’s History Month, what better way to honor women working with GIS in government, education, non-profit and the private sector than by putting them on the map! Dr. Linda Loubert, Assistant Professor at the Morgan State University in US, is attempting to crowdsource a map of women who work in GIS in an effort to highlight potential role models and inspire more women in science, technology,…


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"Because I Said So"


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A Few Personal Reflections

untitled Today’s blog is a bit different in tone than many of my previous blogs. Today, I’d like to take a few moments and reflect on personal, rather than business ideas.

With Passover having just started, Easter approaching on Sunday, and our Hindu friends starting celebrations as well, so many of us are celebrating in these…


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The Hottest Job Out There Now? Data Scientist

There's so much talk about big data these days. On a recent DorobekINSIDER LIVE, we talked to the people at the front lines of big data: the chief data officers. These are the people who are really making big data an effective tool for government.

Hosted by Chris Dorobek, the online training featured the following…


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Can We Ever Get Off The Pay Carousel – Or Just Keep Going Around?

It seems like every few months the pay debate comes up again – or more accurately, it comes up every election cycle. Pay is a constant source of tension, but if we’re really going to solve the debate once and for all, there needs to be serious reforms to the civil service -- not just compensation. 



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Social and Digital Technology Trends: 9 Take-Aways for YOU

Here are some of my thoughts about what never-ending social and digital technology trends mean for professionals in all functional areas, at all career stages, and in organizations of all types and sizes (in other words, everyone!). Armed with this knowledge and insight, I hope folks will give serious consideration to how they will bridge the “digital divides” in their professional lives…


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How To Get Your Innovation Moving In A Bureaucracy: Leverage The Leader's Field Of Vision

In the movie Paranoia, Liam Hemsworth plays an innovative developer who gets caught between two lifelong rivals. His problem? Overeducated but underpaid and… Continue

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Why Leadership Coaching Is For Everyone

     My morning started with an e-mail from a client who is a federal government analyst, upset about a missive from her training department eager to check-off their employee development box with a variety of offerings.  The catch?  Leadership development was restricted to “managers only.”  I guess it is time for the feds to understand what leadership means in the 21st century.



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