Community Building: There’s an App for That

Around the holidays, when catching up with my extended relatives, I often get asked the question: “so…what’s the next big app?” I always secretly chuckle at this question because other than the fact that I’ve worked in and around technology for the lion-share of my career, I have no better likelihood of predicting America’s next… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: How To Inject Innovation into Local Government

Another day at the National League of Cities Congress and Exposition, another opportunity for insight. Right now, I’m in a workshop being led by Patrick Ibarra entitled “How To Inject Innovation into Local Government.” Ibarra is the Co-Founder and Partner of The Mejorando Group based in Glendale, Arizona. Here are some of my notes from… Read more »

Community Building: Do you Realize?

Here’s a common scenario. You’re part of a community. You put something out there. Something meaningful. You get a few comments back, but really wonder if you’re ever being heard or making any difference. In a world that loves to be measured…through comments, re-tweets, page views, etc., it’s pretty easy to size-up your impact through… Read more »

LAFD Goes Mobile

Originally posted on the LAFD News and Information Blog Posted 12/1/2010 Submitted by Brian Humphrey, Spokesman Los Angeles Fire Department The Los Angeles Fire Department is pleased to unveil LAFDmobile, a free application for iPhone and Android smartphones. Created and funded as a proof-of-concept by a veteran firefighter to support the “LAFD Everywhere” initiative, LAFDmobile… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: The Power of People Like You (My Slides)

In two previous blog posts, I highlighted remarks from Harvard’s John O’Leary and PTI’s Alan Shark and a keynote by Obama campaign guru Andrew Bleeker. Below is my slide deck, which tells the story of James Hammond from the City of East Point, Georgia, who was seeking advice from GovLoop’ers as he launched social media… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: Andrew Bleeker and Tips from the Obama Campaign

Andrew Bleeker, an online digital strategist who was key to the successful use of social media in the 2008 Obama campaign, is the keynote for the National League of Cities social media session I’m participating in right now. Below are notes from his excellent remarks – regardless of our political leanings, we can all learn… Read more »

Notes from National League of Cities: Social Media and Municipalities

Today, I am writing live from Denver, Colorado, where I am participating in a panel for the 2010 National League of Cities (NLC) Congress of Cities and Exposition. Fellow panelists include: – Mark Basnight, Public Information Officer, Charlotte Fire Department– Andrew Bleeker, Principal, Bully Pulpit Interactive (Obama Campaign)– Pam Broviak, City Engineer/Assistant Director of Public… Read more »