Friday Fab Five: TSP, NGG11, ROFL, and Other Acronyms You Probably Don’t Know

Yep. You guess it. It’s the… Friday Fab Five! Time to take a look back at the past week and highlight some of the best of the best. The Most Commented Blog of the Week goes to none other than Rebecca Schreiber‘s blog post Investing TSP Money and Other Retirement Tricks. Whether you are a… Read more »

Social Media Training for Government: Sample One-Day Workshop

One week ago, I had the opportunity to deliver a 4-hour workshop for the Greater Los Angeles Federal Executive Board (FEB). Over the past couple years, I have delivered a variation of this “101” workshop for: Boston, Chicago and Honolulu FEBs California and Texas Certified Public Managers programs (mostly city and county employees) Federal agencies… Read more »

USPS is Going Green!

It’s not easy being green, but The United States Postal Service has developed a plan to make its day-to-day operations greener for a better tomorrow. How are they doing this? Greener Facilities which have sustainable design elements and use less energy. Greener Vehicles which utilize alternate, sustainable fuel options Post Office Box Lobby Recycling bins… Read more »

Searching for the Perfect Government Association? Join the Club!

Everyone knows being a member of a club or organization is awesome. The feeling of being part of an exclusive group of individuals, all dedicated to the same cause, and sharing ideas is definitely alluring, but what about other, less esoteric benefits? Depending on the function of the organization, benefits can range anywhere from a… Read more »

Forget the Review: Just Give Me My Raise Already!

Isn’t that what happens in government under the current Grade-Step system? People basically advance in career and compensation based on years in office vs. quality of performance. At least that’s the overall perception of public sector pay among citizens…and OPM Director John Berry: The current review process “seems to take place in Garrison Keillor’s Lake… Read more »

Mobile Cybersecurity…Things Really Have Gotten Wild!

Last week I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the AFFIRM Luncheon for an awesome talk on the state of cybercrime worldwide. Donald Codling, Unit Chief and DHS Liaison, Cyber Division from the FBI, took us through a very informative presentation on the topic of cybercrime on a mobile scale. I never knew there were… Read more »