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The Business Of Collaboration

[Cross-posted from Communities and Collaboration blog] Some Background The last few years can be described as the age of social business and collaboration. The demands and expectations of today’s knowledge workers have been shaped by the plethora of social networks and social media tools. Communicating and sharing information has never been easier. Staying connected withRead… Read more »

Launching Accessibility Resource Center

Government buyers can now use the Accessibility Resource Center to find accessibility information on the product or service they intended to buy. The Accessibility Resource Center contains an alphabetic list of many company websites with links to their product and service accessibility information, including VPATs when available. Many of these companies participate in the BuyAccessibleRead… Read more »

Agency Customer Service Plans

Back in April, President Obama issued an executive order directing agencies to step up their efforts to improve customer service. Whatever happened? The Executive Order gave agencies until the last week of October to provide their plans to the Office of Management and Budget, and last week the plans were delivered and posted on OMB’sRead… Read more »

What questions do you have about open data, apps contests and sustainability?

*What questions do you have about open data, apps contests and sustainability?* Earlier this year, the Environmental Protection Agency launched a contest to build “green apps” using its data. After months of preparation, development, publicity and engagement, the contest produced 38 apps: Last week, the winners of the contest were announced Tomorrow, I’ll be moderatingRead… Read more »

The challenge for government: Why it’s important to know how people learn about their community

Information is power. Actually, there is no power in information but in who creates it and controls it. That’s the power of information –how it’s used. Did you know that local TV news is still the most popular source for local information in America? However, adults rely on it primarily for just three subjects: weather,Read… Read more »

Open Government Links of the Week – September 23, 2011

Transparency Advocates React to U.S. Open Government Action Plan (by techPresident) “President Barack Obama on Tuesday led the public unveiling of national open government action plans from the eight countries participating in the Open Government Partnership, a multilateral coalition on openness and transparency.” Find out what some advocates have said about it. September 2011 MunicipalRead… Read more »

Why face-to-face events about digital communications are important

With increased budget pressures and constraints on our schedules with expanding workloads, finding time to attend a face-to-face event is difficult. Not that there are many face-to-face events anymore: studies show that 60% of US marketers are planning to increase their spend on virtual events while 42% plan to decrease their spend around physical eventsRead… Read more »

White House releases open government status report before launch of Open Government Partnership

The Obama administration has released a status report on open government. The report, which I’ve embedded below, was released through a blog post at by Steven Croley, special assistant and senior counsel to the President: President Obama has made open government a high priority. Greater openness renders our government more efficient and effective. ItRead… Read more »

Join Us for a National Discussion on Government Websites!

Come one – come all! This is your chance to help the U.S. government figure out how to serve better, online. I told you a few weeks ago about the ground-breaking .Gov Reform initiative the White House and the General Services Administration have underway. In a nutshell, they’re taking a hard look at U.S. governmentRead… Read more »