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April is National County Government Month

“National County Government Month (NCGM) is celebrated each April by the nation’s counties to raise public awareness and understanding about the roles and responsibilities of county government. The 2011 theme is ‘Serving Our Veterans, Armed Forces and Their Families.’ More than 1,000 counties participate in NCGM each year by hosting a variety community outreach eventsRead… Read more »

Create Your Own Video Portal to Connect with Citizens, Broward County Did

If your agency wants to strengthen it’s connection with the community, check-out what Broward County did with their public access programs. They created a branded page on their website to empower citizens with a one-stop-shop to government meetings, events, and safety tips. My company, Granicus, worked with them on this initaitive. They leveraged our videoRead… Read more »

Getting Social with

Yesterday’s Loudoun Economic Development Commission, Membership and Business Retention Committee (MBRC) meeting officially earned Loudoun, its residents and businesses their “Gov 2.0 street cred” on the Internet. An official Department of Economic Development (DED) strategy, roles and supporting cast are in place, the SEO and website analytics are turned on, the chicklets are published, aRead… Read more »

California Space Race

A vocal and well-prepared team of aerospace professionals and backers in California is gaining momentum in its quest to enhance the region’s aerospace prowess. Influential members from myriad economic development, utility, education, government, military, and defense contractor groups have pooled their talent, assets, know-how, and hefty political backing to form the California Space Authority (CSA)Read… Read more »

Achieving progress from the ground up: Veteran behavioral health advocate Ronald W. Manderscheid, PhD, tackles the issues at the local level

Issue Date: January 2010, Mover Achieving progress from the ground upVeteran behavioral health advocate Ronald W. Manderscheid, PhD, tackles the issues at the local level by Lindsay Barba, Associate Editor It’s a widely accepted idea that all politics is local, but if you ask Ronald W. Manderscheid, PhD, all healthcare is local, too. And withRead… Read more »

Game On! Loudoun Economic Development Committee: New Social Media Subcommittee

The initial planning session was held yesterday at the Loudoun National Conference Center for the new Loudoun-centric “Social Media Subcommittee”, an initiative of the Loudoun Economic Development Commission’s “Marketing and Business Retention” Committee. (Announced here at Gateway to Loudoun) This public/private grassroots initiative will focus on engaging the Loudoun economic development stakeholders on the Internet,Read… Read more »

World Trade Week: View from the Border

2009 World Trade Week events in the southern California/US-Mexico border region: Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce & U.S. Commercial Service co-hosted The Americas Business Forum in Los Angeles May 27-28. Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke reminded guests to tap the US & Foreign Commercial Service’s myriad resources. LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa shared his vision ofRead… Read more »

Green IT Best Practices

This newsletter focuses on Green IT and the growing awareness that governments, businesses, and nongovernmental organizations need to better manage their use of technology in an environmentally responsible manner. As large purchasers of electronic products and services, they have an opportunity, and a responsibility, to provide leadership through environmentally sound practices and cost-effective, life-cycle managementRead… Read more »

A soft Twitter launch for the County…

… and waiting for the other shoe to drop! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t do this by myself. We have a Web 2.0 working group comprised of representatives from the Library, Parks & Rec, Economic Development, Public Information, the IT Director, and the County’s CIO. We’re wrangling on how to best use these informationRead… Read more »