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A Partial Reading List for PR Students

This post originally appeared on my blog, Social Media Strategery. College students across the country are in the midst of moving back to college for the fall semester. In between partying, traveling, club activities, sports, Greek commitments, and jobs, some will also be attending classes. Those lucky enough to be taking a PR class shouldRead… Read more »

EPA & Social Media: What We’re Using, What We’re Thinking About

EPA leapt into the social media world in July 2007 with our first blog post. Ever since, we’ve been working to expand our options. That’s been greatly helped by the terms of service that GSA has negotiated on behalf of all federal agencies (most agreements contain clauses we can’t accept as federal agencies for variousRead… Read more »

Social Security Administration cat videos for YouTube featuring SSA website redesign

The following cat videos were posted on the official Social Security Youtube page as well as placed Skip Ads on Youtube to encourage retiring online through our new website. The SSA website redesign is seen in the video as well. All cats and voice over talent were volunteer in an effort to save money. FromRead… Read more »

Leveraging the power of the crowd – It’s not a mob mentality

Crowdsourcing is one of those words that means different things to different people. For our purposes, Daren Brabham defines it as, “Crowdsourcing it an online distributed problem solving and production model that uses the power of online communities to meet organizational needs.” Brabham is an Assistant Professor at the Annenberg School of Communication and JournalismRead… Read more »

Snap – Why Instagram Matters in Gov

A few months back we talked to IBM’s Gadi Ben-Yehuda about the business case for Pinterest in government. We discovered Pinterest offered a new way for agencies to showcase their mission. Now GSA has approved terms of service for government to Instagram. So what’s the big deal? Ben-Yehuda is the innovation and social media directorRead… Read more »

Great Gov Tweets from this week.

We launched a new government Twitter dashboard called Great Gov Tweets this week. We build the dashboard every day by looking at every tweet sent by federally-managed twitter accounts two days before and then giving them scores based on retweets, favorites, and their audience size. We do this to identify what kinds of government communicationRead… Read more »

“I Wish I Had the Kind Of Job You Think I Have”

There has been too much fed-bashing these days by politicians and the media, much of which has tarnished the perception of the federal employee. We have found out which elected officials are our friends and which are using the feds as fodder for their political grandstanding and campaigning. Among the many ridiculous pieces of legislationRead… Read more »

Lessons from the Best #Government Twitters

In April, NASA received its second consecutive Shorty Award for the best government use of social media. The Shorty Awards is an annual crowdsourced contest honoring the best in social media across the globe. The organizations and individual recognized utilize Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and other outlets in interesting and inventive ways. NASA uses almostRead… Read more »

Free Webinar: How to Share Great Images on Social Media

We’re hosting a free webinar this Thursday, Aug 8, 2013 at 2:00 PM EDT. Register now. In the hour-long webinar, we’ll explain why images and infographics are so important on social media, show examples of great communication via imagery, and – most importantly – explain why some images perform better than others. We’ll also leaveRead… Read more »

The Changing Social Paradigm

The Web provided the pathways. The software provided the user with sophisticated tools and utilities. Social media – like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, GovLoop – provided the community and forum. All of which has contributed to far reaching change in the way we interact, conduct business, pursue careers, and entertain ourselves. bitod (back inRead… Read more »