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Emerging Innovation and Social Media Trends: Advanced Sharing, Part I

In our daily lives, we are confronted with numerous opportunities and requests for sharing all sorts of things: our yard tools, our time, specific types of information. And in our daily lives, whether we’re asked to share a rake or an apple pie recipe, we quickly perform a complex calculation to determine if we areRead… Read more »

Need for Mobile Productivity and Collaboration Driving Federal Cloud Deployments

If you’re in the government sector, new cloud services and products are likely in the plans for 2013. Cloudmomentum continues to build according to InformationWeek Government’s third annual Federal Cloud Computing survey, which showed that half of its agency respondents are currently moving ahead with cloud adoption or are in the early stages of doingRead… Read more »

Three Lessons Learned from Colossal Government Data Breach

Does the name Bradley Manning mean anything to you? If you’re a government organization, the name is synonymous with “colossal data breach” – as Manning spearheaded the biggest leak of classified information in our nation’s history. To briefly recap, Manning, a U.S. Army soldier, single handedly accessed more than 900,000 intelligence documents, including daily warRead… Read more »

Celebrating National Cyber Security Awareness Month!

Cyber security is a hot topic among the private and public sector, especially as the consumerization of IT continues to grow as a trend and business tool. And although the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 failed to become a law, the need for strong cyber security measures, particularly within the federal government, has not diminished. IfRead… Read more »

I Can’t Share Large Files – Why Poor IT is Killing Productivity

Shrinking budgets especially in the IT world are putting pressure on public organizations to do the same work (if not more work) on aging technology and infrastructure. The government is not the standard setter when it comes to advancing to the latest and greatest technology. The perfect example: I’m using a Pentium 4 single processorRead… Read more »

New Paradigms For Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

I was recently asked to present at an Institute For Employment Studies event for corporate HR and Heads of Learning & Development. The slides I used are embedded at the end of this bog, and also available at Slideshare and Authorstream. The title of the event was “Getting maximum business value from your L&D activity”,Read… Read more »

Share Your Story – Introducing a Website To Post Your Stories and Share Your Experiences

Please visit to post your story and share your knowledge with fellow public servants! I’m sure you’ve heard this time and time again but the baby boomers are retiring and several problems are going to be created because of that. One of the biggest problems we face in government is the loss of knowledgeRead… Read more »

The Business Of Collaboration

[Cross-posted from Communities and Collaboration blog] Some Background The last few years can be described as the age of social business and collaboration. The demands and expectations of today’s knowledge workers have been shaped by the plethora of social networks and social media tools. Communicating and sharing information has never been easier. Staying connected withRead… Read more »

Context Is King

They used to say “content is king.” Kings, like anything, have value because they are rare. Is content rare? With hundreds of millions of users on Facebook and Twitter and tens of millions of blogs, content is everywhere. Sure, the quality varies, but content is anything but scarse. Most is ephemeral, easily forgotten, and replaced.Read… Read more »