Citizen Engagement

Measuring Your Social Media Efforts In Government – How To Assess What Works And What Doesn’t Work

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Foursquare. These are all tools necessary in this day and age to reach your audience, but just having them and putting messages out is no longer enough. As new social media tools become the “hot item” while the ones you’re just getting used to are phased out; the balancing act ofRead… Read more »

Want to work for the State Department – There’s an App for that!

Do you want to work in the foreign service? The State Department has launched a mobile application to help. The app gives prospective Foreign Service officers a taste of what could be in store for them. Terry Davidson is the Recruitment and Outreach Division Chief at the State Department. He told Chris Dorobek on theRead… Read more »

Arlington Cemetery Goes MOBILE – Take a Look at the New ANC Explorer App

If you’ve ever had the privilege to visit Arlington National Cemetery you know the grounds are vast. In fact there are more than 290,000 soldiers buried throughout the 624 acres of hallowed ground. The terrain can make it difficult for families to locate the headstone of their loved ones. So Arlington National Cemetery has goneRead… Read more »

Gender-based Tablets? Meet “ePad Femme”

It was bound to happen sooner or later. That is, private sector companies marketing the latest tablets to consumers based on their sex — it could be a money maker, never know? World’s First Tablet for Women According to Mashable: “Don’t worry, ladies. There’s finally an easy-to-use tablet just for us. It’s called the ePadRead… Read more »

How Can We Improve Citizen Engagement Initiatives? Here’s 5 Ways.

Citizen participation is at the foundation of democratic values, and is a fascinating area of study. When citizen participation programs are implemented effectively, more citizens are brought into the decision making process, and allows government to be more responsive to community needs. Additionally, citizen engagement initiatives have the ability to build community, grow leaders, andRead… Read more »

Government Competitions Redux: TopCoder and the Power of Crowdsourcing – 1

Competitions are changing the way government iterates and innovates. NASA and OPM have both opted to use TopCoder to create new apps. TopCoder is member based group of more than 460,000 coders from around the world. TopCoder harnesses the power of crowd-sourcing to achieve goals. Mike Lydon is the Chief Technology Officer and Jim McKeownRead… Read more »