Citizen Engagement

Snowden Deserves Avalanche of Justice for Betraying America

Like him or loathe him, many people have strongly held views about former government contractor Edward Snowden, who spilled some of America’s most sensitive national security secrets to the world – including to our enemies. This is evidenced by various national polls, an average of which show a nation somewhat divided about Snowden. Is heRead… Read more »

The Rapid Rise of Spanish Speakers in America: What Does It Mean for Government?

Is it time to swap “De Muchos, Uno” for “E Pluribus Unum”? It’s not every day that a gringo from Virginia steps to the Senate floor to give a speech in Spanish, but that’s just what happened yesterday when Senator Tim Kaine delivered his remarks on immigration reform. In addition to that small, but importantRead… Read more »

3 Ways Government Can Build Trust and Partner With Citizens

In our recent guide entitled, “Innovating at the Point of Citizen Engagement: Making Every Moment Count,” I highlighted the activities of Raleigh, North Carolina, and their citizen-led, government-approved movement around innovation and open data. It’s an exceptional model of government-citizen partnership, and one that I’m trying to replicate and expand just a few miles awayRead… Read more »

Why Are Millennials Wary of Working for Gov? Plus your weekend reads!

Nationally millennials make up about a third of the workforce, but in government that percentage hoovers around 8%. What can the government do to reverse the trend? Tim McManus is the Vice President for Education and Outreach at the Partnership for Public Service. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that government needs toRead… Read more »

To Infinity And Beyond – Using Open Data to Create Space Apps.

Sol is the world’s first interplanetary weather app, it integrates weather data from the Curiosity rover on Mars with weather data from here on Earth. The app was developed by Ingenology for the NASA Space App Challenge. Mike Wilson is the President of Ingenology. He told Chris Dorobek on the DorobekINSIDER program that the appRead… Read more »

eGovernment Innovation- Takeaways

In the increasingly mobile world, government is changing how it operates and delivers information to citizens. It’s been one year since the Digital Government Strategy launched, which encouraged agencies to develop mobile services, and a lot has changed. Despite tight budgets (or perhaps because of) organizations are adopting mobile technology and eGovernment solutions to increaseRead… Read more »

3 Trends That May Change How You Work This Year

The tornados in Oklahoma and the bombings in Boston showed the true power of state, local and city government employees. Part of the reason they were able to be as effective and efficient as they were was due to the technology at their disposal. Big data, cloud computing, BYOD and mobile all played a roleRead… Read more »

The Changing Face of Customer Service- What You Need to Know

Customer Service today is radically different than only a decade ago. In the mobile era, people are accessing government websites from their tablet, phone, home computer, work computer etc and expect a positive and seamless experience. They want to find accurate information quickly and easily. Furthermore, they want to interact with organizations in a varietyRead… Read more »