The Best Government Conferences of 2024

We’ve compiled a list of 2024 trainings, symposia, summits, forums, expos, seminars, workshops, conventions and conferences to help grow your career — whether you work in federal, state or local government.

Skills You Need to Work With AI

Agencies are making greater use of artificial intelligence (AI), or at least preparing to. But the skills required to work successfully with AI are far more than simply technical — often they’re unrelated to IT. Here are AI skills agencies should look for as they develop their workforces and recruit new talent.

PDFs Don’t Fit Into Gov Strategies for a Modern Digital Experience

Government agencies make ample use of PDFs, but it’s an inhospitable format for low-vision users, people who use screen readers, and individuals who access government websites via mobile devices. PDFs do not, in other words, make government more accessible.

Trust Is a Key Theme for Government in 2024

From learning to trust how artificial intelligence (AI) will handle data and provide insights to implementing zero-trust architectures for cybersecurity to building citizen trust with better customer service, agencies are more focused than ever on delivering trust as part of their services.