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5 Crazy Good Government Contests

Buried, hopefully deeply, in my hometown newspaper archives, there’s a photograph of a dorky 8-year-old me whose mom dressed her funny. (To be fair, it was the 80s. We were all dressed funny.) In the photo I proudly and nervously showed off my award-winning anti-drunk driving poster of a drawing of a girl crying a single cartoonish blueRead… Read more »

Can you be the next government innovator?

GovLoop’s 4th Annual Government Innovators Virtual Summit is less than a month away! In anticipation of our all-day training event, each week we’ll share snippets of information that will be elaborated on throughout the trainings. The free summit will be on April 22nd, starting at 10 AM ET — be sure to check out theRead… Read more »

The Modern Era For Government Technology

Think back to the ‘olden days’, when we had no iPhones, Internet, or even simple programs like word processing and electronic filing systems. Sounds like the Stone Age by now, doesn’t it? Digital government opens up a world of possibilities for government efficiency and innovation. President Obama issued a memo in May 2012 calling uponRead… Read more »

Leveraging Private Sector Know-How for Government Initiatives

This post is an excerpt  from GovLoop’s recent guide, The Future of Digital Services. In the guide, we explore five trends that are transforming the way government serves citizens in the digital age. Like any other major transition, there are ways to make government more efficient at developing and deploying digital services. To learn how agenciesRead… Read more »

IBM Center’s Weekly Roundup of Stories: March 23-27

Here are some articles from across the Web that we at the IBM Center for The Business of Government found interesting, the week of March 23-27, 2015. Dan Chenok  How the new policy on 360 reviews of government #acquisitions can work — perspectives from @kelmansteve. How to build great customer experiences with government — insightsRead… Read more »

Just How Popular Are .Gov Websites? Very, Very Popular

The world can now peek under the dashboard of U.S. government websites—an analytics dashboard, that is. A new site,, shows a live, aggregate view of the Google Analytics data for many federal government websites. The site also links to the open source datasets that run behind the analytics dashboard, should you be in a tinkering mood. The most impressiveRead… Read more »

New White House Chief Digital Engagement Officer Has a Question …

Check out this post by Jason Goldman. Starting April 6th, his new job in the White House will be “to help create more meaningful online engagement between government and American citizens.” The core question from Jason: Here’s what I would love. I would love for you to answer this question: How can we — our government andRead… Read more »