Success in Government

I am sure there are plenty of articles on how to be successful in the Federal Government, but I believe that relationship management, taking ownership and how you dress are key components to being successful. Throughout our careers we will work with, for, and supervise numerous people. Effectively managing those relationships are critical to success... Read more »

Email: An Acquired Hatred

All my life I've been averse to use of the word "hate". I discourage it's use by the little people in our house. Few other four-letter words sit at the negative limit of human emotion. But I'm really starting to hate email. As a substitute for the telegram or posted letter's sluggish delivery speeds, it... Read more »

YGL - Where Does the Time Go?

Where does the time go? For many of us young, multi-tasking, information-saturated, new-to-government leaders, the answer probably includes part work, part play, and part procrastination (in fact, isn’t that how the whole blogosphere got started in the first place?) If you have a case of the pokes and can’t seem to focus on the task... Read more »

Immigration Policy

From http://mpa4hire.blogspot.com : The difference between enforcement and economic immigration reform is the same as the difference between symbolic and substantive issues. The symbolic enforcement represents tens of billions of dollars being used with little concern for its efficacy (“Controlling Unauthorized Immigration”, IPC) in order to express tough, popular rhetoric. It isn’t about resources, it’s... Read more »

Gov 2.0 and The Rise of Informal Networks

Recently I wrote this post that was featured on the Wikinomics blog. I thought I would share it and cross post it here as well. ------------------------------------------- It’s official - Gov 2.0 is here to stay. From nGenera’s Gov 2.0: Wikinomics, Government and Democracy, project, NAPA’s Collaboration Project, and Mashable’s recent Gov 2.0 column, a lot... Read more »

Arrogance, Confidence, and Insecurity

"The moment you think of yourself as great, your slide toward mediocrity will have already begun," Jim Collins. "Wisest is he who knows what he doesn't know." Plato I read these quotes the other day and I really like them both. I think mainly because it is an interesting time for my career as for... Read more »

Rule #4: Little Transfer of skills or knowledge occurs when the boss makes all the decisions.

Most individuals’ rise within an organization based on their proven track record; that is after all the basis of “merit promotion”. Therefore, most first line managers are selected based on their technical skill and often succeed in their first management position by exercising their superior technical knowledge rather then developing management skills. My own experience... Read more »