Agriculture and Health and Human Services team to “Beef up” the nation’s Food Safety System.

Last week I met with some of the folks down at AG’s Food Safety and Inspections Service and it became very clear the concern and rush to system modernization and information collaboration across agencies. The Food Safety Working Group(FSWG) is well on its way with the appointment of …..(dare I say) a “Food Czar” to… Read more »

I Choose Inspired

So, I took Don Jacobson’s advice and read Mario’s Blog Post Inspired Versus Required and came away with a my choice to inspire not only those around me, but to keep myself inspired as well. To continue to remind myself of our mission and to be the example of how not to be afraid of… Read more »

Leading Without the Title

Would SUGGEST that this blog posting from the Harvard Business Review website has PERHAPS some usefulness across several groups… Author: Steven DeMaio Leading When You Don’t Have Formal Authority Whether you’re a manager, a frontline worker, or an independent contractor, at one time or another you’ve surely had to influence, or even improve, the performance… Read more »

How our Spy Community is Leading in Personnel Reform!

Watch this video that outlines one of our recent reports. Here is a summary: the Intelligence Community developed a “federated” approach to its human capital system under the authority of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004. This approach effectively balances the needs of the community with those of individual agencies. Unlike the… Read more »

Federal Eye: Interior Dept. Bungles Passport Records

The Interior Department’s inspector general has found widespread mishandling and tracking of highly valuable passports issued to department officials traveling overseas, alleging that in numerous instances employees violated federal privacy laws. Several expired passports could not be accounted for and inspectors also could not locate the passports once issued to Interior Secretary Gale Norton and… Read more »

The Dark Side of Web 2.0

We have to get involved in Web 2.0! Hurry, we have to start planning for our rollout strategy for Web 3.0, whatever the hell that is. Or maybe we have to stop and think about things a bit. Social networks are fun, conferring with our peers can be enlightening and informative. However a major question… Read more »

Stocks or Bonds?

Good morning. It’s your weekly dose of TSP Talk. Stocks or Bonds? The good news from last week was that after some late selling on Friday afternoon, the S&P 500 did manage to end the week up about 0.5%. The bad news was that it started the week with a +3% rally on Monday, but… Read more »

A Public Sector Performance Management Methodology

Performance management and measurement have taken on a number of different meanings with regard to application in the public sector. In some cases it’s regarded strictly as data reporting and in others it takes on a more qualitative form. It may be useful to start a dialogue on coming up with an actionable, consolidated set… Read more »

Federal Cloud Computing Heating Up !

(Previously published on “Cloud Musings“) As fellow blogger Reuven Cohen mentions in his post, Federal cloud computing is indeed heating up: Vivek Kundra held a US Federal Government Cloud Computing Summit yesterday The Federal CIO Council is officially studying effective uses of cloud computing According to Network World, an INPUT study places Federal spend on… Read more »

Focusing on Acquisition Reform: Workforce First

The much anticipated Smart Contracting Caucus met this week for the first time since being created over a year ago by former House Oversight and Government Reform ranking member Tom Davis, (R-VA). The intent of the Caucus was to consider thoughtful federal procurement reform by having a type of 360-review of issues facing the contracting… Read more »