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GovBytes: Could nationwide ban on texting/phone calls while driving be coming?

Most of us are guilty. I’ve done, you’ve probably done it. Yesterday, The National Transportation Safety Board made recommendations for a nationwide ban on the use of any electronic devices while driving, The recommendations came after a tragic highway accident last year in Gray Summit, Mo., in which two people were killed and 38 wereRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Legal & Compliance

We’re back with Challenge #4 after our fireworks filled weekend. Today’s mobile gov discussion is about compliance and legal issues. Mobile projects–like everything we do–need to comply with federal laws and regulations like terms of service, records management, accessibility, executive orders, COPPA, endorsement, intellectual property, etc. These rules are not new. What is new isRead… Read more »

The Government Man, the Lawyer and the Donuts – Part Two

In my last blog I mentioned an episode with our learned GSA counsel over donuts. That was not my only conflict with Sweet Caroline, Esq. over donuts. Yes, these events really happened. Caroline devoted much of her career to assuring that no government employee ever violated any ethical standards, no matter how much this policyRead… Read more »

Life outside of work is still work?

So, it’s technically illegal for an employer to discriminate in their hiring practices based on race, creed, ethnicity, religion, sexual preference, gender, age, etc. Ever since the employers became savvy to social networking, there has been an ongoing debate about whether or not they can discriminate based on an applicant’s life outside of work. I’mRead… Read more »

Overcoming Liability Issues in Gov’t Social Media?

I work with a particular government agency that is quite hesitant about entering the social world due to legal and liability concerns. The problems seem to always revert back to the inability to monitor and edit the content posted on the agency’s social sites. My question is: How is every other government entity out thereRead… Read more »

GBE101: strategies for business development under the social network umbrella

by Donna L. Quesinberry Government Business Examiner In the technological hour of 2010 there are so many inroads to business development that just don’t employ legacy plans of action. We now enjoy Pod-casting, Wikis and Wikipedia, Social Networks (SNS), Videographies, Webinars, SlideShares, YouTube videos, TelePresence, inVirtual communications, etc. Add to this laundry list of newRead… Read more »

GBE101: economic woes and the consignment promises of tomorrow

Work for fee – not free. by Donna L. Quesinberry Government Business Examiners 2009 had to be the worst year ever for economic woes in federal contracts. The Government Business Examiner in talking with numerous industry experts has learned that many consultants and businesses experienced a tough market climate during the past year, but everyoneRead… Read more »

National Writing Examiner (NWE) 101: the art of grant writing

by Donna L. Quesinberry National Writing Examiner Writing is an art that takes on many forms. Success-driven grant writing is an art that uses a logical structure and clear arguments to secure needed funding for a potential awardee. The grant proposal is like a sales proposal (most recognized are federal acquisition proposals) in as farRead… Read more »

The Future of Federal IT Spending

(Note this Blog is written by Rick Marcotte, CEO of DLT Solutions and comes from A recently published and well-read blog in this sector recently disclosed that government contractors surveyed by Grant Thornton LLP experienced revenue boosts from federal business during the past year. Here are a couple of thoughts on why that mightRead… Read more »