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4th Annual Federal Media & Marketing Study to Help Marketers Refine Strategies for Selling to the Government

In today’s government contracting environment, companies and organizations selling products and services to the federal government need to keep every arrow in their marketing quivers as sharp as possible. One of the core components of marketing success in this new contracting environment is knowing where and how to reach senior decision-makers at civilian and defenseRead… Read more »

Hints for Government Contracting Results

Search out Federal Bids You must put forth the time to identify the projects or orders, I encourage using a service along the lines of BidSpeed to automate wherever possible. Go after projects that are expiring and emerging for renewal. It is valid that many RFQ’s these days are already highly determined by one company,Read… Read more »

Are One-on-Ones Necessary for Market Research?

As the government looks for way to save money and improve performance, the topic of adopting best practices for IT acquisitions continues to be at the forefront of the conversation. However, implementing those best practices continue to be challenging, especially in the thought process with one-on-one sessions. When it comes to market research, the governmentRead… Read more »

Start a Government Small Business Internet Marketing Support Initiative.

If the demand is there, small business will gladly find a way to deal with increased taxes and regulations, and demand is the only way to increase our hiring. That said, I have a very inexpensive way Government can help Small Business demand nationwide for pennies on the dollar. Start a Government Small Business InternetRead… Read more »

Making Mobile Gov: Discuss Mobile Market

If an app is launched in an app store and nobody knows, does it make a sound? That’s one of the questions up for today’s discussion of the mobile market. While some question whether government should be building apps at all–that this is a function of the private sector–others are wondering where the government appsRead… Read more »

New Guidance Document on Conducting Accessibility Market Research

GSA’s Section 508 program recently created a guidance document, Guidance on Conducting Market Research. Buyers in federal agencies are required by law and regulation to conduct market research. Market research is a means of ensuring that what we want to purchase is in fact actually available. For ensuring accessibility and compliance with Section 508 whenRead… Read more »

Project of the Week: Casa Pronta (One-Stop Shop for Housing Help) On the spot house (or in portuguese «Casa Pronta») is a public service which allows to perform all the necessary formalities for the purchase and sale of home (buildings), with or without a mortgadge, the transfer of a bank loans to purchase house and other housing contracts, in a single window service. Buying aRead… Read more »

Tip 1 for Winning Government Contracts: Understand the full gamut of federal market opportunities and where your business could benefit from these. PART 1.

This is the second blog in the series of 10 tips for winning government contracts and growing in the federal market. You can see the first blog post here. Today I am going to cover the first part of Tip 1: Understand the full gamut of federal market opportunities and where your business could benefitRead… Read more »