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Preparing for the Arrival of a New Leader Tip #2

Preparing for the Arrival of a New Leader Authored by: Patty Guard, Former Deputy Director of Special Education Programs, US Department of Education, Board Member Public Sector Consortium Build trust and credibility with the new leader Contact the new leader to introduce yourself, to say congratulations and that you are looking forward to working withRead… Read more »

New Domesticity: Leadership Begins in the Home

As a Gen X woman who has spent a vast portion of the past 20 years, training, teaching and coaching women to play a more robust role in governing, I find the current discussion about the “new domesticity” an interesting one. As the younger generations are coming into early adulthood, many women are looking atRead… Read more »

Presenters at our Annual Government Web and New Media Conference – are you one?

Web Manager University is Calling for Presentations at our Annual Government Web and New Media Conference May 16-17 in Washington, DC. We’ve a lot of interest for presentation topics, and we’re extending an opportunity to be considered as a potential speaker and tell us about the exciting work you are doing. Submissions must be receivedRead… Read more »

Code4Russia – a new Russian eGov intiative!

A number of serious competitions among IT- developers that are aimed to implement new eGov services or projects that could be further used by authorities or other specialized companies have been conducted recently in almost every Western country. Developers in turn could derive a variety of benefits starting from free educational or qualification programme toRead… Read more »

Supervisory No-Nos

Exert from So Now You Are The Boss! Supervisory No-Nos Unforgivable and Sometimes Unlawful Behaviors by Supervisors 1. Treating individuals unequally because of gender, culture, age, educational, religious background, etc. 2. Not keeping a trust with an employee 3. Blowing hot and cold 4. Failure to follow basic policies and procedures and laws 5. LosingRead… Read more »

What’s Important in Forest Planning?

The 2011 Proposed Planning Rule outlines and discusses the forest planning processes that Forest Service units must follow. If it is adopted, it will replace the 1982 Planning Rule. You haven’t seen the Proposed Rule? You can find it here –> So what’s important about it? Oh, don’t bore me with another academic comparisonRead… Read more »

Exclusive Podcast: Taylor & Crosetto Discuss GAO Hiring Initiatives, Goals, Challenges

Listen to an exclusive podcast, compliments of the Human Capital Management Federal (HCMF) Conference The U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is called the congressional watchdog for a reason: the organization investigates how the federal government spends taxpayer dollars. To achieve that goal, the GAO must employ and retain the best talent through strategic hiring practices.Read… Read more »

New Normal – Asynchronous Collaboration

When we were all physically located in the same building collaboration was a collection of meetings to reach the stated goal. First to flesh out the details of the project – go from concept to specific, consensus from contributors, logistics & interim deadlines from participants, and collective review of it all. Meet and work togetherRead… Read more »

Local Gov Interview: Andy Maxwell, Director of Planning & Sustainability in Syracuse, NY

I love learning about different roles in local government. I was lucky enough to interview Andy Maxwell, the Director of Planning & Sustainability in the City of Syracuse, New York. This interview was especially interesting to me since I spent the past year completing my MPA program at Syracuse. It was fun to hear someRead… Read more »